“The Unabomber Effect”

Via my ObWings homeboy cleek: Brendan Nyhan highlights a nutty unique handwritten fundraising letter from everyones favourite paranoid courageous anarcho-capitalist personality cult presidential candidate, Ron Paul (shorter Dr. Paul: “ZOMG TEH YOO EN IS TRYIN’ TO STEAL’ UR GUNZ! BLACK HELICOPTERS AT 12 O’CLOCK!!!1).

Nyhan aptly notes “the Unabomber effect of Paul’s scrawl on faux yellow legal paper.” Hey, at least the Five Million Dollar Man obviously recognizes who his base constituency is. Within less than 30 minutes of posting, the usual motley brigade of tin-foil adorned subliterate mouth-breathers arrive like fucking clockwork (coincidence or…conspiracy?!)

Hopefully once Paul is soundly defeated by the vastest conspiracy ever known to mankind (ie, reality), his NAU-fearin’ minions can retrain their focus on other worthy fringe obsessions, like “9/11: Was it Bush, Mossad or BOTH?!” or “Who possesses more raw sex appeal: Alex Jones’ NWO stormtroopers or David Icke’s shape changing lizards?”

That said, I have to agree with Kevin Drum here:

It really says something when a guy who drones on about “fiat money,” thinks we ought to abolish the Federal Reserve, claims the UN wants to confiscate our guns, and apparently believes that Canada is conspiring to annex us, often sounds like the sanest Republican on the stage.

After the fold, some choice comments that have been left by Paulites on Nyhan’s post.

– “His writting [sic] looks ok to me. Do you have the original? Can I buy it? I love to have a hand written note from Ron Pauls desk!!!!
“Go here http://www.ronpaullibrary.org/ to see more on Ron Pauls [sic] writtings [sic]. Ron Paul is the guy that [sic] knows the issues and has solutions. Read his writtings [sic].”

– “What people will say to get there [sic] column read on the net.”

– “I am so sick of this pathetic display of [sic] mainstream media. A horrid display of adults acting like children name calling instead of Fair [sic] reporting of facts [er, sic?]. Wake up America. What Ron Says [sic] is true and these pukes are getting paid to turn him into a “nut”. Media wake up and realize your [sic] selling your own self [sic] down the river along with your country reporting they [sic] way you are. Our lives have value. We deserve the truth.”

– “I don’t even like Ron Paul, I wish you would have made an argument against him but you did not, this blog entry is childish, shallow and rather stupid [sic]. Please stop waisting [sic] everyones [motherfucking sic!] time.
“I would also recommend that you spend more time on your studies.”

And I would, in all sincerity, recommend that RP fanatics spend some time taking remedial English courses.

16 Responses to ““The Unabomber Effect””

  1. lester says:

    why is the left in league with the neo cons? Is that what you want Ron Paul to be more like? war mongering, lying, misery inducing?

    admit you prefer bill kristol to Ron Paul.

    Also, I of course recieved the same letter. it is very clever. it’s a copy of a letter he wrote late one night to his supporters. He wrote it in a pen on yellow stationary. so they made exact copes of the yellow paper and the letter, so it lOOKS lke everyone got a hand written letter from him. ya get it? it’s a put on!

    and you are mischaracterizing the letter itself. It’s not him rambling about UN conspiracies, it’s just generally about US soveriegnty and liberty.

    You really think Hillary rodham Clinton is so much better? Even though she voted FOR the iraq war AND for the Lieberman Iran resolution? THAT’s liberal?

  2. matttbastard says:

    Remedial argumentation, too.

    (Hint: strawman + tautology = fallacy).

  3. matttbastard says:

    Also, I of course recieved the same letter. it is very clever. it’s a copy of a letter he wrote late one night to his supporters. He wrote it in a pen on yellow stationary. so they made exact copes of the yellow paper and the letter, so it lOOKS lke everyone got a hand written letter from him. ya get it? it’s a put on!

    Someone else vying for the coveted title of ‘Captain Obvious’. Ron Paul: like flypaper for imbeciles. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am off to fantasize about a hot ‘n’ sweaty three-way between myself, Senator Clinton, and Bill Kristol (as UN spy satellites record the salacious encounter for posterity).

  4. FZappa says:

    As usual, the ratio of childish name-calling to rational argumentation is pretty unimpressive on Paul hater sites.

    When the discussion gets past “kooky,” “fringe,” “paranoid,” and “crazy,” we always seem to win over a few more people who are sick of the federal bureaucrats ignoring the Constitution and the $9 trillion debt and the collapsing dollar that comes with it. Which, I guess, is why some people don’t want the discussion to get past middle-school ridicule.

  5. FZappa says:

    PS, dude Ron Paul is not a “cult of personality.” Paul doesn’t have much personality, to be blunt.

    The “cult” (if that’s what it is) is a “cult of the Constitution,” which is one of the few things worth following with cultlike devotion.

  6. matttbastard says:

    As usual, the ratio of childish name-calling to rational argumentation is pretty unimpressive on Paul hater sites.

    As usual, the cognitive dissonance of Ron Paul’s most rabid supporters is amusing, hence why I chose to shine the spotlight once again on the volcanic eruption of stupid (oh, how it burns, like pure molten magma).

    Still, feel free to console yourself with comforting fictions and self-righteous (if ironic) claims to ownership of the moral high ground. (”Rational argumentation”? Like “YO BRENDAN! Get a girlfriend. Or go hang out with Larry Craig”? How about “Gee,now your a handwriting analyst.I think you play with your dick too much”, or “get your head out of your over-stretched sphincter and do a little research before spouting off your jizz-laden mouth”?)

    Look, I’ve made it plain in previous comments that I don’t subscribe to anarcho-capitalist theory (considering it’s a gross perversion of socialist ideology), nor rote conspiracy theories re: one world governments – not to mention Paul’s unsavory comments re: race and reproductive freedom. Hence my antipathy towards him (which, it should be clear, predates his presidential candidacy).

    YMMV, obviously.

    That said, I’m perfectly willing to engage in civil discussion re: policy with those who wish to discuss such matters–in good faith. However, your previous contributions to other Ron Paul-related comment threads (both here and on other sites, eg, Brendan Nyhan’s) make it quite apparent that your primary goal is to aggressively pimp Paul TBS-style, and bully with fallacious and malicious reasoning those who, for whatever reason, don’t share your unwavering zeal.

    Ergo, you get what you give, and, thus, deserve: “middle-school ridicule.”

    BTW, your use of the passive voice is tedious, FZ. Some might even call it pompous and overly laden with premature hubris. You’re lucky I’m not one to quote cliches about pride and falls or unhatched chicken-counting. Still, once this is all over, I’m certain y’all will find a way to blame rigged elections, the MSM, or maybe those notorious ‘international bankers’ (in direct concert with the CFR and the UN) for the inevitable.

  7. FZappa says:


    I didn’t write any of those comments you cite above and I don’t approve of them. Name calling from either side is unproductive.

    Anyway, Crzay ol’ Ron drew 1500 people to a rally and fundraiser in Nashville today. Guess there’s a lot of crazies out there!


  8. matttbastard says:

    PrisonPlanet.com draws an estimated174,000+ unique visits a month (from the US alone).

    A 1997 CNN/Time poll showed that “80 percent of Americans think the [US] government is hiding knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms.” (If someone has more recent data, feel free to update.)

    In its heyday, Art Bell’s Coast To Coast radio show received “an estimated nightly audience of eight to ten million” listeners.

    So yes, yes there are a lot of crazies out there; 1500 is a drop in the bucket.

    That said, once again: strawman = fallacy. Show me where I said all Ron Paul supporters are crazy. I did imply that his base is, shall we say, existentially-challenged (hence the dog-whistle references in the letter to black helicopter conspiracies). However, I’m sure there are many sincere followers and dissident small government Republicans/libertarians who have been duped into believing that a wholesale embrace of anarcho-capitalist dogma (with a healthy side of JBS hysteria) = ‘following the Constitution’.

    But keep on spamming and Digging. Remain utterly rEVOLting. You’re doing a bang-up job so far of mainstreaming the Good Doctor.

  9. lester says:

    so “ron paul supporeters are crazy” is the new memo the neo cons and liberals have. that’s the thing it is okay to think about him. and repeat. gotcha.

    Did you ever see “the celluloid closet”? it’s a documentary about how Hollywood has portrayed gays over the years. Up until very recently it has either been as ridiculous stereotypes or doomed …people who end up dying in the movie. But at least there was visibility. At least even in homophobic caracature America saw homosexuals. That’s kind of how i feel about “topics” like this. If Ron Pauls supporters are morons topics is what it takes, hey here I am. Look at m I’m a raving lunatic. aaaaaa ron paul

  10. matttbastard says:

    Try not to drool all over the comment thread, lester.

    Please, remedial argumentation – stat. We’ve already got enough straw here to feed an entire stable of thoroughbreds. Also, for an analogy to work, it should use an example that is actually, y’know, analogous.

    (Great movie, btw. Have a cookie.)

  11. I have posted a lengthy, and reasoned defense of the letter on my blog.

  12. lester says:

    matt- most analogies don’t bear close examination. In fact, it’s the weakest possible way to make an argument. My point wasn’t to illustrate how ron paul supporters are margenalized the way gays in hollywood were and are, but to show that you are simply parroting the blogger party line for reasons that are not clear to anyone but status quo conscious bloggers lke yourself, who feel unity and sticking to the message a la ,say, democratic underground, are your religious duty.

  13. matttbastard says:

    Like flypaper for imbeciles.

  14. lester says:

    seriously. how does someone that stupid even tie their shoelaces in the morning?

  15. Foster says:

    While I cannot say as I agree with all of Ron Paul’s views, when you look at his record in Congress and his positions on real tangible issues, rather than admittedly crazy hypotheticals, I think he’s the best candidate. He’s the most likely to withdraw from Iraq and to avoid war with Iran. He’s very pro-diplomacy and anti-war. He is also a strong advocate of civil liberties. He sees the failure of the war on drugs and the damage that drug penalties do to inner-city minorities. He’s the only candidate that has been outspoken on the Military Commissions Act that took away habeas corpus from enemy combatants. I think that despite his world conspiracy theories and whatnot, his positions on relevant policy are much better than his rivals’. The unfortunate thing is that he says these outrageous things and it detracts so much from what are otherwise sound policies.

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