The Values Party: Yet Another Gay Republican Outed

OK OK, I know, BFD. Like this has never happened before.

But wait. Dig how this became public.

1. OK. A Washington State Republican Representative from the suburbs named Richard Curtis goes to Spokane for a conference. Away from home, he decides to whoop it up by going to a porn shop dressed in “women’s clothing, red stockings and a black sequined lingerie top before engaging in a sex act at the store.”

2. Curtis takes the guy he met in the store, one Cody Castagna, to his hotel for more sex. “‘[H]is wife knew he liked men when they got married, but she was not into that, so he only did that when he was out of town,’ the detective wrote in his report.”

3. Curtis offers Cody $200 for his time but Cody wants a grand.

4. So OK, so what does this genius politician do? He refuses to pay the extra money and then he goes to the police complaining Cody was trying to shake him down.

Are we done yet? We are not.

5. First he tells the cops he didn’t have sex with Cody, then he admits he did.

6. Then – and only then – does he note that he’d like to, you know, keep the whole thing quiet. Like, can’t you just lock him away and not tell anybody why? Obviously a backer of the Preznit.

7. Cops explain it don’t work that way and Pub Curtis is all, like, oh, shit, maybe I shoulda paid the bread.

This is one of those incidents when the hypocrisy is less interesting than the motivation. Curtis reported the incident to a buddy, also a Republican, apparently expecting that Cody would get leaned on but the whole thing would be sub rosa.

The entire incident might have never come to light if Curtis hadn’t contacted Sgt. Roy Rhine of the Washington State Patrol. Rhine, who works out of the patrol’s Southwest Washington office, is a fellow Republican who has run for the state Legislature.

According to Madsen’s report, Curtis contacted a friend in the Washington State Patrol and wanted the agency to investigate “because the local police would talk and it would get out to the press.” The WSP referred the case back to local officials.

So OK. Is this guy so freakin’ stoopid he don’t know that if he goes to the cops they might, you know, investigate and it might get out that he had sex with a man while dressed like a woman? And then lied about it?

Or is something else going on here? Was he so arrogant, so sure that his Pub buddy wouldn’t report it, wouldn’t ask questions, wouldn’t do his job, iow, because IOKIYAR, no matter what, and anyway, the police exist to do the bidding of the rich and the Republican, jump when they say jump, and keep their effin’ mouths shut? So which is it?

OK, so which lie is worse?

a) “I didn’t have sex with that woman.”

b) “I didn’t have sex with that man.”

Yoicks. Is everybody in the GOP a secret/closeted/gay/homophobic/cross-dressing/hypocrite/liar? Cause if so, that would sure explain Rudy’s popularity with the base. Her’s their kind o’ guy!

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