There Goes The Wind Out Of Those Sails

It began with the courageous actions of a Senator.  Displeased with the current iteration of the FISA bill moving through committee in the Senate, one that grants telecommunication companies retroactive immunity and makes mockery of constitutionally protected rights, Chris Dodd has already stepped forward and said he will single handedly make a move to put a hold on the bill.

As I’ve mentioned before, such a move is difficult and necessitates broad support for Dodd to hope to actually keep this bill as is from getting out of the Senate, and it is perhaps for this reason that along with a handful of liberal A-listers opted to wage a PR Blitz aimed at forcing support from Senator Barack Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton.  But oops, it looks like the Blitz won’t be necessary.

I’ve no love for MoveOn, and I’ve never been much of a Kossack, so I wasn’t much impressed to begin with.  Further, I didn’t like the political subtext of the move; Dodd, Dodd, he’s our man, we know he can’t do it unless Hillary and Obama support him, then he can!  Not that the top two candidates for the Democratic nomination wouldn’t be a boon for the filibuster FISA attempt, but there are other more important leverages these folks could have gone after, like perhaps leaning on senators who are working the bill while it is still in committee, or how about Harry Reid, who has already made it clear he’s going to undercut Chris Dodd?

From moment one, the whole “blitz” thing sounded like grandstanding, and I’m not sorry to say that the wind has already been taken out of their sails.  Yesterday evening both Clinton and Obama made it pretty clear that they’re supporting the filibuster.  Or at least they said they would support the blockage of the bill in its current form. Some may call this wishy-washy, but if the bill does manage to come out of committee with civil rights intact and telecom immunity binned, what the hell is the point of blocking it?

Now I’m just going to sit back and watch to see if MoveOn et al take credit for it.  Yeah man, Sen. Clinton and Obama heard the footsteps, they knew what was coming…

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