Where Have I Heard That Before?

At this point, I feel as though my intelligence is being severely insulted.  In New Hampshire, Senator and Presidential Candidate John McCain has said that we will know in the coming months whether or not the Iraq War can be “won” or not, about seven to eight months to be exact, instantly hitting me with the strangest sense of deja vu.

 I know I’ve heard this before, but where?  Oh right, now I remember!  McCain’s recent statement sounds familiary because it has been repeated ad nauseum throughout the entire duration of the US occupation of Iraq.  In six months we’ll know for sure.  Just six more months.  I know things sound bad now but in six months Iraq will probably be a beautiful dreamland paradise where all your dreams come true and poverty isn’t even a bad dream!  In only six months, Iraq will be so great, we’re going to have to make it a US state because so many of our citizens are going to want to move over there (…).

The part where I get insulted is that the same line keeps getting sold over and over again like I’m going to buy it this time.  The last forty-two times I was promised that the Iraq War would be over in six or so months didn’t come off but, seriously, this time we mean it, just seven or eight more months and we’ll have this whole thing just about wrapped up.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how one’s credibility gets flushed straight down the crapper.

In fact, Think Progress has a couple of instances of John McCain himself moving the goal posts over the course of the occupation.  Even further, they point out a particular bit of triangulation on McCain’s part:

McCain’s day of accountability has always been just a few months away. Eight months from now — when the 2008 presidential campaign will be in mid-swing — McCain claims he will finally be willing to concede the need for withdrawal. But he suggested that at that time he will be prepared to blame the American public for having lost the war

Which does bring up an interesting point; the traditional unit for things of this nature is six months, not seven or eight.  Six months is nice and round according to our calendar, standing in at exactly half of a year, but seven or eight, that’s kinda sloppy, and lacks solid calendar aesthetics.  Of course, it is worth noting that seven to eight months down the line, we will be in full General Election revelry which means that come that time, should McCain actually manage to pull off the upset and win the GOP election, he can then viably switch sides and start courting the rest of America who are not staunchly set in the realm of the 24%ers (read the majority), by all of a sudden turning against the Iraqi conflict.

This all makes for a very interesting dynamic.  Let’s assume that Hillary Clinton wins the Democratic nomination(not that much of a work out for our imaginations, I know), and John McCain miraculously wins the Republican nomination (just, go along with it).

Hillary started off her bid for the presidency preaching to the left, but since the inevitability machine has run away with the race has since veered hard right, particularly on foreign policy.  If what John McCain said is true, and I’ll provide those words here right now:

“If things go south again and we have significant setbacks, then I think the American people are probably going to demand that we get out, no matter how I feel and no matter how I am convinced about what the consequences of failure are,” McCain said.

(Note: We’re going to suspend the fact that this is already happening en masse)  Then this point alone gives John McCain viable credibility to switch positions on the Iraq War just as he’s set to try to win the votes of the vast majority of Americans who want us pulled out of Iraq post haste.  In other words, in this unlikely instance, we just may have a pro war Democrat going up against an anti war Republican.

Talk about your bizarro worlds.

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