White People’s Affirmative Action

Prometheus 6 at Jack and Jill Politics spots this Boston Globe editorial that tells me what I already knew but what conservatives and our media largely ignore in any debate about affirmative action. That is – a lot more white kids get into our top colleges through nonmeritorious means than minority kids.

Here are the key ‘graphs:

White students who failed to make the grade on all counts were nearly twice as prevalent on such campuses as black and Hispanic students who received an admissions break based on their ethnicity or race.Who are these mediocre white students getting into institutions such as Harvard, Wellesley, Notre Dame, Duke, and the University of Virginia? A sizable number are recruited athletes who, research has shown, will perform worse on average than other students with similar academic profiles, mainly as a result of the demands their coaches will place on them.

A larger share, however, are students who gained admission through their ties to people the institution wanted to keep happy, with alumni, donors, faculty members, administrators, and politicians topping the list.

I have long railed against those who criticize affirmative action but say or do nothing when it comes to the greater nonmerit based advancements of whites.  In fact, I believe its racist to trash affirmative action programs that help underrepresented minorities get into college without a peep about the nepotism and cronyism through which large numbers of white applicants gain entrance.

One final point – while virtually every rightwing blog rails loudly against minority based affirmative action, this story is likely to be met by silence by those same blogs.

And they wonder why blacks largely don’t see eye-to-eye with their positions.

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