Yeah, But The Numbers Back Me Up

One thing that has yet to fail to boggle my mind is this idea that Democrats who were politicking on defeat are about to get their just desserts, and any Democrat that is not willing to switch over to hawk mode does so at his or her own peril.

Not that we have to worry about the her part.  Hillary has by now switched into full hawk mode, feather, beak, talons and all.  But for everyone else, if you are listening to the pro-war constituency, the message is clear: you better get on the V for Victory bandwagon, or you’re going to get left in the dust.

Kevin Sullivan (who graciously references the above post), seems all ready and eager to hitch his wagon to the… er… bandwagon.  He writes, “Hillary Clinton needs to account for all the voices in her party, not just the loudest.  Now is the time to distance herself a bit from them, as they would no doubt turn on her in a heartbeat…  If she panders to them now, she’ll only fuel such outrage upon being elected.  It would be nearly impossible for any president to fully appease them, so why do it at all?”

Why?  Oh, there are plenty of reasons why.

My colleague Mick, one of our outstanding new additions here at Comments, and I tend to be on opposing sides in an similar ongoing debate about the Democratic party, but here, I take his side.  If the base is a little shaky in its support for Democrats, there is a good reason: DEMOCRATS HAVE A CRAP RECORD AS OF LATE IN FOLLOWING THROUGH WITH WHAT IT WANTS.

From funding the Iraq war, to FISA, to even just giving troops as much time at home as they have in the theater of war, Democrats have caved every step of the way.  The more trusting see them as weak, and unwilling to fight the battles we elected them to fight, while the more skeptical aren’t quite so kind, and see them as gaming the system.

About a year ago, Democrats enjoyed a change of majority in both the house and the senate, an event that one could reasonably call a mandate for an end to the war in Iraq, or at least, US involvement in said war.  They continue to fail, and in truth, our hopes rest essentially on the shoulders of Rep. Obey who has said he will stifle all Iraq funding bills in committee until he gets one that significantly changes the strategy.

Instead of showing their support, the Democratic leadership, notably Nancy Pelosi, has wagged her finger in Obey’s face, not really helping the case that they are not in fact trying to game the system.

As a result, Congress is enjoying the kind of approval ratings that are so low they don’t even seem real.  Now, had the Democrats, Hillary included, stood up and delivered a real fight just once, I think you would see that base that is so quick to turn actually raise its eyebrows a little bit.  We (and believe me, I’m by no means part of the real hard core anti-war movement), would probably be a little more likely to stand by the Democrats when the chips are down.

But instead, before she even has the nomination hemmed up, Clinton isn’t just feinting right, she’s doing a swan dive into the right.

And, Kevin, I really hate to point this out to you, but another of those reasons why would happen to be that the numbers kinda back me up on this.  About seventy percent of Americans want funding reduced or cut for the Iraq warAnd most Americans still want us out of there.  Indeed, no amount of bleating from the minority that wants to stick it out in Iraq forever can change the fact that public sentiment regarding our presence there has not significantly changed for the better.

It is not merely a matter of war fatigue, though one can hardly deny that war fatigue does play its part.  But what is significant is that we are talking about a conflict that most Americans now believe was never justified, is hurting our armed forces, and cannot be resolved through US military action.

Furthermore, it would be one thing if Hillary stuck by the Iraq war from the beginning, but she has not.  Instead, this recent shift right puts on display that one trait so many of her detractors feared she held in spades: that she is willing to do anything to get the presidency, and is not running a campaign based on core values.

In truth, if Hillary does win the nomination, and the presidency, her embrace of the right will not be what does the trick.  Instead, it will be how well she covers it up.

2 Responses to “Yeah, But The Numbers Back Me Up”

  1. mick says:

    The primaries are coming up fast and all at once. Hillary needs to lose a couple of the early ones (NH would be perfect), or the machine will make the next 7 months a coronation parade.

    BTW and FWIW, I talked to my brother and he isn’t voting for Hillary. Neither is anyone he knows. Better yet, his Pub friends are planning to stay home. Apparently they don’t any of them care for the entire GOP field. With the Ron Paul Nation (your phrase or Matt’s? I can’t remember) working their little hearts out 24/7, may RP has an actual shot at pulling off a major upset. Wouldn’t that be sweet? I almost wish I could move there in time to vote myself…..

  2. Right Now I’m looking at Iowa. It’s looking like Iowa’s going to be the OK Corral, at least on our side of the aisle.

    But really waht needs to happen is that Hillary’s “feint” to the right needs to be drug out into the daylight and amplified for what it is. She’s going to continue to laugh and maneuver and play above thefray until the primaries hit, long enough to show she’s still got the lib creds, and then its over.



    And I knew this… I knew this was exactly what was going to happen, the only purpose a Clinton candidacy had was to knock out all hte other competitors, most of whom I truly think would be a far better president than Clinton.

    Seriously, I’m fast approaching the point where if she does win the nomination, I may sit out. Unless rudy gets the Nod, or Thompson… Both men are too incompetent to let in the White House unless guided by tour….



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