$1.5 Trillion: The Real Cost of War

The BBC reports that a report set to be released by Congress will show that the real cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is $1.5 trillion, twice what has been largely reported so far.

The Democratic authors included the costs of treating wounded veterans and mounting interest payments on money borrowed to finance the wars.

The report calculates that the campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost the average US family of four more than $20,000.

But don’t worry. A lot of the cost is being financed by debt so that our kids will foot a big chunk of the bill. The war in Iraq is, after all, for them.

2 Responses to “$1.5 Trillion: The Real Cost of War”

  1. Whew! As long as I don’t have to pay for it, I think I’m good. Forget who’s buying the debt that is funding the war… They obviously aren’t going to do anything bad to us!

  2. One of my fellow authors put up a blog post about the cost of war. It fits nicely with some of the points that you have made here, so, I thought I’d direct you to it… at EverydayCitizen.com …. she calls the post:
    Economists Explain: Bush Destroyed Our American Dream and it’s at this address:

    Love your blog,

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