A “Comments From Left Field” Thanksgiving

The New York Times  did me the service of posting a story on a new and easier way to carve the turkey.  Tucked into the story was this juicy tidbit that likely reflects what kind of Thanksgiving one could expect at a CFLF writer’s home:

“One year the turkey took a long time to cook and I went to carve it after about 13 beers,” said Maurice Landry, who lives near Lake Charles, La. “The way I remember it, I bore down to take off the leg and the whole thing went shooting off the platter and knocked over the centerpiece.”

3 Responses to “A “Comments From Left Field” Thanksgiving”

  1. What’s a centerpiece?

  2. Macswain says:


    I can understand your confusion. It’s not something you’d expect to find on a folding, card table.

  3. mick says:

    What’s a “folding card table”?

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