Bush Battles Budget

Talk about Alice in Wonderland. Like the Red Queen’s, BushLogic tends to circle back on itself to become its own opposite, canceling itself out as well as violating all its previous positions. An item in today’s WaPo illustrates just how far down the rabbit hole we’ve fallen under the Shrub.

El Supremo has decided to fight the Democratic budget bill – you know, the one tied to troop withdrawals – by whining about how his not signing it will hurt (are you ready for this?) the profits of the military-industrial complex.

President Bush warned Congress yesterday that the Pentagon will soon have to start laying off civilian employees and reducing operations at U.S. military bases unless lawmakers send him an emergency war funding bill that does not mandate troop withdrawals from Iraq.

Escalating a dispute with Democratic lawmakers over his request for $196 billion in supplemental funding for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Bush complained that a delay in providing the money is jeopardizing important military efforts.

So is the argument for continuing the occupation now that ending the war will hurt the economy and cost us jobs in the MI sector? The economy as a whole is on the verge of collapse because of financial industry shenanigans in the subprime mortgage business and he wants me to worry that civilians on military bases and working for defense contractors who’ve been raking in megabucks for 4 straight years might – might – get laid off? Is he kidding?

In contrast with his complete lack of interest in the massive lay-offs caused by his tax give-away the very first year of his reign, his concern for MI employees is almost, well, touching. Of course, it does send the collateral message that only military-industrial complex employees are worth worrying about and he isn’t losing any sleep over the millions of workers trashed by a corporatocracy that considers any day without wage cuts and employee lay-offs a wasted day. But never mind. Those war-workers are important to the nation. The rest of us are a drag on the economy. We don’t spend enough and we don’t do anything, you know, important. If we’re not making bullets and bombs, what good are we?

But the uncharacteristic concern for employee jobs is, as we all know by now, just a cover for what he’s really worried about: stop the war and you stop the flow of easy money to his buddies in the MIC. Defense contractors are BIG campaign contributors. Mustn’t hurt them by allowing something silly, like peace, to break out. It’s their profits he’s protecting, not their workers’ jobs.

Of course, as transparent, self-serving, and elitist as this argument is, that won’t prevent the Dems from caving in to it. If the Bush GOP has learned one thing the last 7 years, it’s that the Democrats won’t challenge any argument Bush makes about anything right up to and past the points of outright gibberish, inanity, and/or insanity, no matter how unambiguously he states his biases. Consider his argument against SCHIP: that we shouldn’t help sick kids get medical care because it might hurt insurance industry profits. This is the very same argument. It simply replaces one fat-cat sector for another, one set of contributor profits for another. The Democrats fell for the first, why shouldn’t he expect them to fall for the second?

Not that they’ll listen but fwiw, down here in the trenches Bush’s stance doesn’t play very well. In fact, it doesn’t play at all. Nobody cares about high-salaried defense workers losing their jobs. Nobody cares about fat cat contractors losing their bloated govt funding. Nobody cares if MIC stocks take a tumble. We’re too busy hanging on by our fingernails to homes we’re about to lose and trying to find affordable health care for our kids. We don’t really give a shit that a few MIC managers might have to live on unemployment for awhile if the Iraq war-and-occupation ends. It seems to us a small price to pay for bringing our sons and daughters back home alive and well.

Not that a movement conservative Republican cares about that sort of trifle. They’re about the Glory of War, not about the costs paid by those who have to fight them, especially dirty wars like this one. (From A Tiny Revolution, via Norwegianity)

Lance Corporal Jeffrey Carazales:

Do you think people at home are going to see this?all these women and children we’re killing? Fuck no. Back home they’re glorifying this motherfucker, I guarantee you. Saying our president is a fucking hero for getting us into this bitch. He ain’t even a real Texan.

Lieutenant Nathaniel Fick:

Worst of all were the accolades and thanks from people “for what you guys did over there.” Thanks for what, I wanted to ask?shooting kids, cowering in terror behind a berm, dropping artillery on people’s homes?

Evan Wright:

As Graves steps back in horror, his boot slips in the girl’s brains. “This is the event that is going to get to me when I go home,” he says.

Voices you never hear. These are the guys fighting the Emperor’s oil war. These are the guys dying to increase the worth of stock portfolios owned by war profiteers in the MIC. These are the guys Bush wants to ignore in his determination to make sure MIC fat cats get to stay fat.

Seriously twisted, this Bush. Makes the Red Queen look like a paragon of sanity and common sense, don’t he?

2 Responses to “Bush Battles Budget”

  1. Laura says:

    “Talk about Alice in Wonderland. Like the Red Queen’s, BushLogic tends to circle back on itself to become its own opposite, canceling itself out as well as violating all its previous positions.”

    Good one. (I ‘ve felt that while trying to make a point with my kids.)

    The drive and focus of the administration is truly amazing and scary. Goals continue being fulfilled with no one to say, “NO, George!” despite increasing disapproval by the public. What’s George’s approval rating by now; 2?

  2. Mick Arran says:

    Well, it’s a leetle higher than that but way too low for anything he says to be taken seriously. He is the lamest of lame ducks, yet the Dems and the media continue to act as if he has the country behind him instead of a tiny – and shrinking – segment of hardline elitists and whackos. He can dither and bluster and gibber utter nonsense without anyone apparently noticing that he isn’t even coherent. He can make a dozen contradictory arguments in a single day that are all mutually exclusive and nobody says a word. It’s like by 2pm they’ve completely forgottenwhat he said at 10am.

    I don’t get it.

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