BushBuddies Dying Like Flies

First England kicked Tony Blair out for being Bush’s Poodle and replaced him with a much less malleable Gordon Brown. Then Spain’s Jose Aznar got the boot for pretty much the same reason. Now Oz’s autocrat-in-chief, John Howard, has bit the dust behind his support for Bush’s oil war.

 Australia?s prime minister, John Howard, one of President Bush?s staunchest allies in Asia, suffered a comprehensive defeat at the hands of the electorate on Saturday, as his Liberal Party-led coalition lost its majority in Parliament.

Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images

Prime Minister John Howard conceded defeat.

He will be replaced by Kevin Rudd, the Labor Party leader and a former diplomat. ?Today Australia looks to the future,? Mr. Rudd told a cheering crowd in his home state, Queensland. ?Today the Australian people have decided that we as a nation will move forward.?


Returns for a small number of seats are yet to be compiled, but analysts estimate that over all the Labor Party gained 28 seats to win a comfortable 22-seat majority in the 150-seat lower house of Parliament, where governments are formed. Official results are expected within the next day or two.

Mr. Howard may suffer the indignity of losing his own seat, representing a district on Sydney?s north shore, which he has held for 33 years, to a former television anchor and rookie politician. He would be the first sitting prime minister to lose his seat since 1929.

Oops. He lost his re-election bid and his seat in Parliament. To a TV anchor, of all things. And he sent his party down to defeat practically everywhere. According to KenL of The Road to Surfdom:

So the Liberals have a problem. Well they have a few really, with the biggie being that they?re not in power anywhere in the whole friggin? country except Brisbane and possibly the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and even the latter is thinking of ditching them.

Ouch. When even corporate lobbying groups turn against their conservative puppets boosters, you know you’ve got problems.

I was going to check out the right-wing response to Johnny’s massive ass-kicking but Ken saved me the trouble: they don’t like it. Seems they think the Aussies just gave away the store to “librulislamofascist” Labor. A sample of what Ken dug out of the RWNM.

According to Jules Crittenden:

Howard?s decision to stand with his nation?s allies against undeniable evil ultimately cost him, as Blair?s similar decision cost him. Howard apparently was further hurt by his refusal to set his nation?s interest aside in furtherance of half-baked scientific speculation and worse politics.


[W]as it all just the fault of the damn liberal media? Brave Conservative Stalwart in comments at protein wisdom thinks there is a more sinister explanation:

And anyone who doesn?t think librulislamofascists hacked into the voting machines down in Oz is nothing but a useful idiot.

Hmmm ? well actually I?d never even considered the possibility, especially since we don?t use voting machines ? maybe BCS means Antony Green?s laptop. It certainly seemed to be playing up something fierce. Anyway I certainly wouldn?t want to be thought a useful idiot. Damn you librulislamofascist democracy murdering scum! Give me my country back!!!


Aaprt from standing tall and firm againt the murderous onslaught overseas, Howard was widely admired apparently for his no-nonsense approach to internal dissent:

Howard was a fine leader who showed common sense and toughness against the growing influence of the extremist muslim population in his country.

?Extremist muslim population? eh? So that?s what they call Villawood Detention Centre in America. [Villawood is Howard’s Gitmo – MA]

The real problem for the right wing, of course, is that recent global trends and national polling here suggest the same fate is most likely in store for the US next year as the GOP goes down in flames from Charlotte, NC to Anchorage. The GWOT’s audience is less enamored than the audience for My Mother, the Car and the show is about to be canceled. Unfortunately, the RWNM has talked itself into believing that a week after the Democrats take over, the Taliban will be forcing women to wear burkas on Coney Island and the Supreme Court will be replaced by imams using shari’a to outlaw American Idol.

In short, The End of Civilization As We Know It. Don’t know what they’ll do then. Coup, anyone?

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