Bush’s Veto Unmasked

eRobin at Fact-esque justifiably tears Bush a new one for vetoing the Labor-HHS-Education Bill.

The day after the country observed Veterans Day, President Bush made good on his longstanding threat against people in need and vetoed the Labor-HHS-Education appropriations bill. 

Labor H is the bill that funds human needs programs associated with labor, health care and general human services like Meals on Wheels,  Head Start  and LIHEAP.  It provides funds for research that will end diseases including cancer and MS.  It provides for job training that will build a competitive American work force.  And it makes critical investments in veterans? health care, job training, suicide prevention, traumatic brain injury treatment and homelessness.   

When President Bush vetoed Labor H, he vetoed all of that and he sent a message.

Indeed he did, and the message is: “Fuck you, veterans.”


In a comment, she writes:

I’m just heartsick over this. I don’t want to romanticize soldiers like our friends in Wingnuttia do, but the fact is that there are hundreds of thousands of people who go off to war not substance addicted or otherwise mentally ill and who come home that way. Our war-loving, militaristic society owns those people’s problems but they are being hidden from us. On top of that, the vets and mil fams are being told that WE hate them and can’t possibly understand their trauma and so should be avoided and opposed at all costs. The situation is all so fucked up and so clearly controlled by the bad guys, who truly do hate or at least couldn’t possibly care less about the solders and their families. They’re pawns when they’re on the battlefield and they’re pawns when they get home.

What depresses and enrages me is that:

a) There’s nothing new about this. From the very beginning, the Bush Admin has been trying to run this war on the cheap, and the Pub Congress cut veteran’s services from its budgets every year since the invasion. Republicans have been treating soldiers like disposable packaging since ’94 when they showed their true colors by cutting VA funding while approving the Osprey and the continuation of Reagan’s “missile defense” fantasy, incredibly expensive programs the Pentagon itself said it didn’t want.

The hypocrisy and cold, callous indifference here are almost unbearable. Yet despite the fact that the Pubs not only did all this but actually bragged about it openly as proving they were “fiscally responsible” at the same time they sent over a $$$TRILLION$$$ of our money down the rat hole of a war to make Shell and Chevron richer, way too many of us persist in believing the RWNM spin that “Republicans care about the troops”.

That failure is on us and us alone. I can no longer buy the excuse that the MSM didn’t report it. It did. At the bottom of pg 312, under the legal notices, perhaps, but it did. It was available to anyone who looked for it. We had a responsibility to look and we didn’t.

b) I’ve seen all this before. During and after the Viet Nam War, the govt – Democrat and Republican – and the military itself abandoned the troops who came home wounded in body and mind. Watching it all happen again, only worse this time, is so painful I want to scream. Every day there’s some fresh outrage. I keep hoping more people will listen, and they do, but awareness is growing so slowly, so reluctantly, that I can only conclude that we’re still deliberately blinding ourselves to the blood-soaked mess we helped create with our irrational fears.

That Bush can get away with something this crass, this cruel, and not be immediately pilloried for it by press and public leaves me all but speechless.

If this unconscionable veto doesn’t wake people up, what in gawd’s name will?

Rob’s explanation of both the bill and the veto is clear and uncompromising. If you’re in even the slightest doubt that the veto is a travesty, go read the rest of it.

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  1. Laura says:

    Trying to run the war on the cheap while shoveling tax dollars into wheelbarrows for contractors. That way, it will always be too expensive to do the right thing because there will be no money, no accountability and debt plus interest…. Seems like we are only shaking our fists at the wind anymore.

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