Buyer’s Remorse

I want to take a stroll back to those heady days of yestermonth; those enchanted days when the sweltering summer sun baked the sidewalk and people everywhere sought shelter under awnings and shade trees, sipping iced tea or cold beer with the excited yet tinny voices of sportscasters calling the ballgame out of a transister radio filling the air.  I want to go back to those days of watching the kids splash about in the water park and eating ice cream as fast as they could before it melted and coated their mouths and fingers in that sticky sweet goo.  I ask you to join me in remembering those days, days when supporting Fred Thompson for president seemed like a good idea if you were a Republican.

Are you there yet?  Good, get a close look because those days are gone.

Fred Thompson was supposed to be the savior of the GOP, the next Ronald Reagan amid a field of social liberals like Giuliani, cooked cultists like Romney, or just plain old turncoats like McCain.  Excitement was high, and nothing seemed impossible for the former senator, lobbyist, and Law & Order star.

It’s kind of amazing how far he has fallen in such a short time.

Back in the spring, and carrying on through the summer, people were lining up to draft Fred, but now in this post announcement era of Fred’s campaign, it seems that some of these people are jumping ship like rats… running from giant cats… on fire.  Yeah…

According to CQ Politics, among these rats would be a coming bevy of House Republicans who were caught up in the magic of Fred’s non-presidential bid only to find out that, now that he’s actually running, you really can’t tell the difference.

Thompson’s campaign style has been probably the single thing that has netted him the most headlines since political reporters and bloggers could no longer theorize about when he would finally announce his entrance into the Republican field.  He was slow, lazy, cutting stops out of a schedule that was already light compared to many of his opponents.

The rebuttal to this was that Fred was, like Old Blue Eyes, doing it his way.  But is his way really enough?

There are a million different things voters want to see in a prospective president, and hardly any of those things mesh, but one thing I think most voters would at least like is a president that isn’t lazy, someone willing to roll up his sleeves and at least sign off on the work that other people have done.

Unfortunately for Thompson and his stagnant campaign, it’s really hard to convince people that a bump on a log can do ANY work, let alone the kind of work required of the President of the United States.

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