Clinton News Network: The Fall Of CNN’s Credibility

I missed last night’s Republican debate, a pity considering that by most accounts it apparently was a slobberknocker with the candidatesstepping up their attacks.  Rudy apparently got grilled on the creative accounting employed during his affair with his now wife, Fred used his little youtube spot to launch an attack ad, and John McCain opted to make Ron Paul his whipping boy, all of this and more signifying that it’s the end of the season, and you can’t hold anything back.

But besides the candidates themselves, it seems that host CNN is sucking up some headlines in its own right.  Bad ones.

The charge comes from a question from Gen. Keith Kerr (ret.) who broached the rather touchy subject (for Republicans anyway) of gays in the military.  Kerr is, himself, openly gay and according to him a Log Cabin Republican.

He also, apparently, is a co-chairman of Hillary Clinton’s National Veteran’s Group, and questionably has ties to the New York Senator’s campaign.

While so far it looks like both the General and the Campaign are denying that he was a “plant”, the fact of the matter is that this doesn’t look too terribly good.  Not when you think that this is the second CNN debate in a row in which “plants” were allowed to ask questions at a formal debate, and both of these events following up news that questions at Clinton campaign events were also being planted.

That’s a whole lot of planting (I will, for the sake of decency, refrain from the obvious green house jokes).

Now, I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt and say personally that this is all just one ugly set of coincidences, but even if you are willing to allow for this, the combined picture is not good for Hillary, and terrible for CNN.

For Hillary who struggles most with her triangulator image, and suffers most in trustworthy attributes in polling, this coincidental series of events only reinforces the bad kind of political cunning.  It looks very much like she is trying to rig the system.

For CNN, the picture is far worse.  This is a major news network that is supposed to at least put forth a picture of objectivity.  Yet in two consecutive instances they are “caught red-handed” helping Hillary rig debates in her favor.

The image alone is enough to deliver a sucker punch to the network’s credibility.

This, unfortunately, also taints the relevance of the past two debates, but that is nothing compared to the scrutiny and skepticism CNN will face in future debates and political coverage.  In just a few short weeks, CNN is well on its way of having the “Clinton News Network” etched indellibly upon it, as well as travelling down the path of partisan absurdity that characterizes FNC.

Not that I think that CNN is anywhere close to where Fox is, but then, it only takes a little to irreversably alter public opinion.

(For the record, if anyone out there tries to pin CNN as liberal because of the perception of a pro Hillary bent, I find that offensive as I think Hillary Clinton is a far cry from being anything but a Republican with the wrong letter behind her name.)

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