“Close” Mayoral Election Produces Democratic Victor…


Pittsburgh Mayoral Elections
[Percentage of the electorate, Republican – red, Democrats – blue]

I know it is hard to imagine but Luke Ravenstahl’s 63%-35% landslide victory over Republican challenger Mark DeSantis was actually the closest a Republican has come to winning a Pittsburgh Mayoral election since 1965.

The historically big Republican vote, though, will “allow DeSantis to hang around,” said Gerald Shuster, a professor of political communication and presidential rhetoric at the University of Pittsburgh. “For every decision that Ravenstahl makes, [DeSantis] can be the loyal opposition.”

Did you catch that? 35% is enough to “allow DeSantis to hang around.”

Very interesting.

Now let me remind everyone that I am a bit of a carpetbagger when it comes to Pittsburgh politics. Prior to moving here in 1999 I called the northern Atlanta suburb of Roswell my home, a place where Democrats have not sniffed electoral victory since reconstruction. While that was certainly a bit annoying for a liberal like myself I have to admit there are some significant advantages metro Atlanta holds over Pittsburgh, not the least of which is economic and population growth.

As any Pittsburgh Pol to have come within two feet of me will tell you, I have a nasty habit of harping on the fact that the economic growth in this city is stagnant at best. Unfortunately, for people who have lived no where else it may seem like Pittsburgh’s economy is booming but I am here to tell you that is simply not the case.

One of the major stumbling blocks toward injecting some life into this economy is the antiquated commonwealth system of government which has been reinforced in spades by nearly a century of Democratic party rule.

In Allegheny county alone there are 130 municipalities each with their own governmental structure, rules, regulations, taxes, etc. Now call me a bad Democrat but if Pittsburgh is to take advantage of it’s economic potential something needs to be done to remove/consolidate some of these bureaucracies and the best chance of this happening is with some form of Republican involvement.

Now don’t get me wrong, I truly love the city of Pittsburgh. The landscapes are beautiful, the people are warm and welcoming, the infrastructure, while aging, is built to sustain a population three times its current level but none of that matters if the city ends up dying off.

On the heels of this “close” victory young Luke Ravenstahl has an opportunity, no a responsibility to do something truly transformational for this city – partner with a strong Republican in DeSantis and come up with a creative way to invigorate the stalled economy of the city of Pittsburgh.

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