Equal Opportunity Electrocution

“Obviously, (law enforcement agencies) don’t want to use a Taser [sic] on young children, pregnant woman or elderly people… . But if in your policy you deliberately exclude a segment of the population, then you have potentially closed off a tool that could have ended a confrontation.

– Sgt. Donald Davis, King County sheriff’s dept (Washington), commenting after a 2005 incident in which an electronic control deviceSM®OMFGWTFBBQ!!!1 was used on a woman (of colour) who, at the time, was 8 months pregnant. She had refused to sign a traffic ticket (shades of Jared Massey). fern hill has more (much more, sigh) on how some law enforcement agencies have a strict non-discrimination policy regarding the (indiscriminate) use of stun guns.

“I have a dream,” indeed.

Related: Do electronic control devicesSM®OMFGWTFBBQ!!!1 actually save lives? There are at least six families this past week who would contend otherwise.

2 Responses to “Equal Opportunity Electrocution”

  1. Laura says:

    Oh MatttB, you’re just full of excited delirium. What’s next to subdue combative people… a new gadget that performs quickie-lobotomies?!! This taser craze clearly has to be stopped (yesterday), yet not a peep in the tv news. I wonder if people really hear how dangerous tasers are… I’m glad you’re keeping the issue alive here.

  2. Shevek says:

    And the tasering continues… I’d enjoy your visit to my blog.

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