Giuliani Gets the Robertson Seal Of Approval

As per The Fix, Mitt Romney may have Paul Weyrich and Bob Jones III in his corner, but Rudy G. has apparently scored the coveted endorsement of Pat Robertson, despite Romney’s naked desire to hit the far-right So-Con Trifecta.  One wonders if the Mormon factor ultimately proved to be too much of an impediment for Robertson. And lo and behold, America’s Mayor is already reaping the benefits: in a drastic about face, muckraking blogger/journalist Shaun Mullen has decided that if Rudy is good enough for Robertson, then by gosh he’s good enough for him!

I can feel the cold, clammy hand of the Holy Spirit in this; praise the Lord and pass the Amaretto.

2 Responses to “Giuliani Gets the Robertson Seal Of Approval”

  1. Laura says:

    This is just creepy…

  2. matttbastard says:

    Please note: Mullen’s support is entirely modest in nature.

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