Happy Birthday Kyle!

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Kyle,

Happy Birthday to you!


Please join us in welcoming Kyle to his 30’s. It’s all down hill from here my boy.

11 Responses to “Happy Birthday Kyle!”

  1. eRobin says:

    Happy Birthday. He has until his forties though until the toboggan ride starts. Of course, Oprah’s new best friend, Dr. Oz, says that we !

    Start (or continue) meditating, boy!

  2. matttbastard says:

    Downhill? I thought the incline continued until at least 40.


  3. Hey, this is one of our only opportunities to dig on Kyle, don’t ruin it!


  4. mick says:

    30? *snort* You call that “old”? I’ve got t-shirts older than you.

    I thought the incline continued until at least 40.

    50, actually. The 30’s are absurdly uptilted with a physical peak around 38. Around 40, you trade physical peak for intellectual peak, and if you’re ever going to achieve any sort of, you know, wisdom, it’ll be in your 40’s.

    After 50, tho, they both go into decline. Rapidly. Your memory starts to go, your body argues with you constantly about everything you do, everything you want, and every place you go. It’s a nightmare.

    Then you die.

    Feel better?

    Happy Birthday anyway. You’ve got a good 20 yrs to look forward to. After that? Pffft. Make the most of them.

    And that’s my Ray of Sunshine Moment for today. Now back to our regularly scheduled program of grumping, grousing, and geriatric curmudgeoning.

  5. You know what is beautiful though? I will, forever and always, be younger than all yall. That’s the thought that keeps me getting up in the morning!

    Seriously, thank you guys so much. It was such a nice surprise coming online and seeing this. Again, thank you!

  6. Macswain says:

    Happy Birthday, K Mo. I actually decided to take it a step further and get you a present – here. Enjoy.


    OH NOES!!!!111! Where’s mah pron?!? oooh…ponies.

  8. mick says:

    You know what is beautiful though? I will, forever and always, be younger than all yall.

    Ouch. That’s cold, man. Really. Kick us while we’re down, why dontcha?

    OTOH, I could take a leaf from the Bush Book and just, like, ignore reality and make up my own. Hmm.

    Got it. From now on I’m Jack Benny – 39 forever. That means for the next 9 years you get to brag, but after that I’m younger than you in perpetuity. Ask me how old I am and I’m 39, you’re 30. In 10 years, you’ll be 40 and I’ll be…39! In 20 years you’ll be 50 and I’ll be…39! See what I did there?

    Wow. This is fun. Now I know why Bush lives in a bubble. It’s easy. You get everything you want just by saying you have it. Very cool. I think I’ll stay here. Reality is a drag.

  9. Who’s Jack Benny?

  10. mick says:

    Oh, man, you are just pitiless today. No mercy. At all.

    Good thing birthdays only come once a year….


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