Is It Really Better To Be Late Than Never?

We will have to wait and see.

The Democrats finally look like they are ready to go to the mat on the issue of the Iraq War.  A year after they were elected the majority, House Democrats just barely passed a squeaker of a bill that would give bush a quarter of what he asked for to fight wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This money comes with its own, heavy price.

On top of forcing the President to redeploy troops out of Iraq, the bill would also require the following.

It would ban the White House from using federal funds to establish permanent bases in Iraq or assert U.S. control over Iraq’s oil supply. It would prohibit the president from deploying any military unit to Iraq until he has certified it in writing to be “fully mission capable.”

 This is indeed a bold move, but also one that has no prayer at being signed into law.  Given that there has been spinnable progress in the war in Iraq which has given Republicans wiggle room on the issue, Bush will veto the bill and it Democrats will not be able to override it.

But this isn’t really the issue; the issue is if Democrats can manage to stonewall on this issue long enough to actually affect some true change of course.  Given that the Senate is not expected to move on this bill until next month, we’ve got a long time to wait before we see.

3 Responses to “Is It Really Better To Be Late Than Never?”

  1. They don’t need to affect change- they just need to hold out, period. At some point, they may want to realize that they control the pursestrings, not Bush. So if he wants to veto anything they give him that has a withdrawal condition, he’ll be forced to withdraw even sooner- there won’t be any money to keep the troops over there. Of course, he’ll blame them for not supporting the troops, but if they want to fall for that old canard at this point, then they really are just dumb.

  2. Agreed, which is a marked change from where I was about six or seven months ago. If theplanets align, I intend to do a follow up to this later this evening.

  3. mick says:

    At some point, they may want to realize that they control the pursestrings, not Bush.

    Be nice, wouldn’t it? Better late than never, as they say.


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