Lunatic Right Does NOT Admit UN Hysterics

Look, I can’t explain the fanatical disdain the lunatic right holds for the United Nations. They could not hate the organization more if it were populated entirely by clones of Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. What is truly sad though, is that they search high and low for excuses to bash the organization most often at the expense of reason.

One disgusting example of this lunacy comes in the form of a post by Capt. Ed this morning entitled UN Admits AIDS Hysterics.

The United Nations grossly overestimated both the scope and direction of AIDS infections, its scientists will admit later this week. The actual numbers in almost every theater have proven to be much less than UN reports indication, in some places less than half of that asserted. Outside researchers say that their demands for government funding motivated them to essentially lie about the gravity of the situation.[Emphasis Added]

AIDS Hysterics?

Grossly overestimated?

Essentially lie?

Wow, I guess it has been discovered that AIDS is really a hoax perpetrated by a vast left wing conspiracy of secular gay progressives right? Well not exactly.

The truth is that the UN did find that their projections resulted in an overestimation. How much? Well they had projected the total number of people infected worldwide at 40 million, roughly the entire population of Argentina. The new estimate puts the total number of infected at 33 million, roughly the entire population of Canada. Hardly anything to worry about right?

What a scam! This AIDS things is such crap! I can’t believe these people, they should just give up now. Don’t these peace loving pussies understand that 33 million deaths pales in comparison to the 20 thousand deaths attributed to terrorism (umm, don’t look behind the curtain at the fact that these deaths are almost entirely in the middle east and were nearly non existent prior to the Iraq invasion)?

Yea. What do you think about this Sully?

UPDATE: When I wrote this piece there was only one wing-nut (if you don’t count Drudge) attacking the injured UN, one hour later and it has become a full on feeding frenzy.

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7 Responses to “Lunatic Right Does NOT Admit UN Hysterics”

  1. Scott says:

    The number could be zero as HIV is a wholly preventable disease.

    The point is, the UN creates numbers out of thin air and then begs the US for money to help, which is then distributed to corrupt officials (think Kofi and Kojo Annan).

    The US has given billions to African AIDS relief under the assumption that 40-million were infected. The number was significantly less. That money could be used for poverty programs and schools as you libs like to say.

  2. Yea Scott, they created numbers out of thin air – that’s the ticket.

    “Ground control to Major Tom your circuits dead, there’s something wrong…”

  3. Macswain says:

    Scott (aka the 40 year old virgin) says: The number could be zero as HIV is a wholly preventable disease.

    I await his condemnation of the pimping by the Bushies and religious right of abstinence only programs that don’t work and their discouragement of condom education and distribution programs that do work.

  4. Scott says:

    Is HIV not 100% preventable?

    As for the numbers, where did the UN get them? Out of friggin’ thin air.

    Hey Tedesco, read here and maybe you’ll understand why we hate the UN. I even did it with an easy to follow metaphor. I’ll use crayons if you have trouble understanding it. I even mentioned you in it so people could click through to this drivel.

    Hey, have a great day, 7,000,000 less people have HIV today as compared to yesterday. At this rate, the temperature will only increase 1/20 of one degree (F) in the next twenty years instead of 1.5 degrees.

  5. Scott says:

    Oh yeah, I support condom usage worldwide. That said, how come we have increased HIV in the US where condoms are readily available to anyone?

    As for religion, I’m not religious and in fact think that pushing any religion on anyone is abhorrent. Yet one can’t but admire the work that religion-based NGO’s are doing for poorer nations.

    You libs are so humorous in a naive kind of way. You would trust the UN to do what’s right for America when they cowtow to thugs and dictators who would ensure that the first ones liquidated would be liberals. It’s a good thing the US miltary I served in is on guard and protecting you from them.

  6. Mark says:

    …Ignoring angry troll who flunked statistics class in college and has no idea that HIV infection rates in the US have been falling most of the last ten years or so…..

    The UN is an area that I think most true libertarians are too quick to dismiss. It’s actually something I’ve been meaning to post about for awhile, but a properly structured UN is in some ways the ideal vehicle for the advancement of libertarian ideals, since a properly structured UN would ultimately mean a massive reduction of costs to emigration. Lower emigration costs means greater ability to “vote with your feet,” which means greater ability for libertarians to find a place to create “libertopia.” It also would result in a situation where different forms of government would have to compete with each other for citizens, resulting in something of a “free market” in government.

    Unfortunately, the UN has become increasingly a joke, in part due to the loss of US credibility over the last few years, which has made it easier for countries like Iran, Sudan, etc. to gain influence within the body. But an even-handed US engagement with the UN combined with some massive reforms could do wonders, I think, in reversing that trend. That said, a better approach than the UN would be a true “League of Liberal Democracies,” but that’s just wishful thinking at this stage.

  7. Mark says:

    I should have added to that last post that I can completely understand why right-wing conservatives hate the UN, and there is really very little reason for them to want anything to do with it. I also understand why most other libertarians hate the UN- I just think that they’re overlooking a tremendous opportunity when they do so.


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