Mukasey’s Second Test

After failing his first test (or passing it, I’m sure if you’re all about expanding executive power), Michael Mukasey may soon get his second high profile test on the rule of law, only this test will speak directly towards the capitulation that Senator Chuck Schumer made in letting Mukasey get out of committee in the first place.

If you’ll remember, the firestorm that surrounded Mukasey was his equivocation on waterboarding as torture; the vagueness with which the AG select approached the subject incurring the ire of many Americans who are of he belief that America should not engage in torture, period.

But despite the vehement opposition from the base to Mukasey’s nomination over this issue, Senator Chuck Schumer along with Senator Feinstein folded, and provided the key votes to let Mukasey out of committee and in as head of the DOJ.  Schumer’s reasoning to overlook the questionable stance on torture was that Mukasey would restore professionalism and rule of law to the DOJ, more specifically, to hopefully finally bring to a conclusion and get some answers on the investigations into the politicizing of the Justice Department.

We’ll get to see if Schumer was right, or if he, like so many Democrats before him, fell for the false compromises offered by the administration.  But first, Nancy Pelosi has a test of her own to pass.

The motion to hold Harriet Miers and Josh Bolton in contempt has made it out of committee and goes to debate on the floor of the House.  This puts the brunt of the burden on Nancy Pelosi who must demand justice and get her Democratic caucus whipped into shape.  Assuming that goes off without a hitch, the burden gets shifted to Mukasey:

The Judiciary Committee voted in favor of contempt in July and issued its final report 10 days ago. The full House should vote without further delay. If a majority supports a finding of contempt, as it should, the matter would go to the United States attorney for the District of Columbia. If Mr. Mukasey, the new attorney general, believes in the rule of law, he will see to it that Ms. Miers’s and Mr. Bolten’s cases are presented to a grand jury for criminal prosecution.

Yes, the new Democratic congress along with the new Attorney General each have the opportunity to prove they are on the side of the law and the constitution, let’s see if they pass this test.

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  1. spuorgoohay says:

    Mukasey told the Senate Judiciary Committee 3 times that just by saying “National Security” ,he and some in the Administration could go around the Rule of Law, around the Constitution and that the President and with his advice could go out of the Law , including torture, so most likely Bolten will get a pass,after all, Mukasey,Schumer,Bolten and Feinstein are from the same team,with Bloomberg ,Podhoretz and Lieberman,they all will do their part to put Hillary against Giuliani in the finals,its all in the plan ,then we will get hit big time by a “bio-nuclear-accident”, and with the ensuing paranoia and Mukasey controlling Law Enforcement, they will postpone the election or ,if right, push “tough guy” Giuliani into the White House to save America from the bad guys, it’s a fix and a shame !

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