Once Upon A Time, Republicans Had Integrity

If we fail to impeach, we have condoned and left unpunished a course of conduct totally inconsistent with the reasonable expectations of the American people. We will have condoned a presidential course of conduct designed to interfere with and obstruct the very process he has sworn to uphold. We will have condoned and left unpunished an abuse of power totally without justification. In short, a power appears to have corrupted. It is a sad period in American history, but I cannot condone what I have heard, I cannot excuse it and I cannot and will not stand still for it.

~ Rep M Caldwell Butler, R-VA, in 1974 on the impeachment of Richard Nixon 

Hard to imagine a Republican voting for his country over his party these days.

2 Responses to “Once Upon A Time, Republicans Had Integrity”

  1. xranger says:

    That swings both ways. I felt the same about Dems who couldn’t vote out impeached Slick Willy, when he lied under oath, and was subsequently disbarred.

    You see, our side wants the government to provide security; indeed, that is the number one function of government. If the executive branch oversteps, that is a case for the Supreme Court to rule on constitutionality. This has been done.

    It is still unclear to me how this breaks the law, especially for grounds of impeachment.

  2. Mark says:

    Ugh. I hate to say this after the spat I caused over the holiday when I quit the rEVOLution (seriously, you all ought to check it ought; within a 2 hour period, myself and the Doug at the Liberty Papers jumped off the bus, and Ron Chusid at Liberal Values Blog was there to catch us- a couple of bigger blogs have picked up on our move). Doug, Ron, and I have been in full bunker mode ever since. But the whole background story was one that would have been much bigger had it not happened on Thanksgiving Eve. The whole series between the three of us is well worth a read, IMHO.

    Anyhow, shameless plug over. There are a few Republicans who would support an impeachment I think, Ron Paul being one of them and I suspect Walter Jones as well (as much as I dislike his protectionism on other issues). Unfortunately, they’ve been completely marginalized by the party. But they are out there.

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