Playing The Victim… And Failing

Two weeks after the fact, and people are still talking about it.  In a world where political news has a lifespan, at best, of about half a week before it becomes old news, insignificant news, the fact that exactly two weeks ago today Hillary Clinton turned in the worst debate performance of the season and that performance is still having repurcussions on the trail stands as evidence as to how significant her failure that night truly was.

In the aftermath, the one two punch has been to attack her attackers by accusing them of playing “pile on politics” and a little more subtly pull the gender card; playing the victim to gain sympathy, or showing how tough she is by standing up to all those mean men.  Unfortunately, America doesn’t seem to be buying it.

It seems that a recent Rasmussen Reports poll shows that only a quarter of Americans think that the frontrunner is being “piled on” unduly, and of those, only about half actually believe the gang up is based on gender.  The other half of that minority believe it is because she is the frontrunner.

So despite her campaign’s best attempts at making the criticism against her by her colleagues seem unfair or sexist, it turns out most Americans, all but about 11 % actually, are able to correctly identify it for what it is; the added confrontation any presidentialy candidate can expect when he or SHE is in the lead.

But, you know, playing the politics of victimization doesn’t always fail.  If I recall, Republicans who, despite having overwhelming majorities in Congress, managed to gain a lot of political capital for a while there by complaining about how those nasty, awful Democrats were attacking them.  Republicans made a killing off of Democrat Obstructionism, and Rep. Boehner has mastered the art of crying to get what he wants.  Yup, Republicans seem to be the party of victims (I’m not even going to get into the psychological repurcussions neoconservative, racial profiling et al would have here), and if that’s how Hillary wants to play it, maybe she should go join them

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