Quote Of The Day: FTW

Steve M. fucking nails it:

Now I remember why I resented it when the left blogosphere (or the kool-kid part of it, anyway) turned into the “netroots.” I hadn’t thought we were blogging with the direct intent of helping Democrats win elections. I thought the point was to create a counternarrative of American politics, which might actually spread the notion that Republican ideas aren’t reasonable and Democratic ideas aren’t cockeyed and treasonous, and might further spread the notion that the political world thinks Republican ideas are reasonable because Republican character-assassination politics has made Democrats and liberals seem like freaks. Oh, and maybe we’d eventually have Democrats within the system who didn’t believe Democrats are freaks, people who believied it was worthwhile to go on fighting even while being called freaks.

But instead, in 2006 we just elected a larger-than-usual crop of the same kinds of Democrats we always elect when we elect Democrats. And they suck.


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