Ron Paul’s Drive (Update)

Of the many stories that surround this 2008 presidential campaign, one of the more interesting stories would be the amazing internet support that has been amassed by the campaign of Republican longshot Ron Paul.

Seeking to pen a new chapter in that story, Ron Paul supporter has attempted to deploy a “moneybomb” that would result in the Paul campaign raising twice as much money in one day as it had declared in the entire third quarter.

When you take into account that the endeavor had already raised two million dollars before November fifth technically began, the fact that the site is now boasting a little over six million dollars is rather astonishing (note: figures are displayed in real time, so depending on the success of the drive, number may be significantly different).

Though, this is only natural given what we have already witnessed is a vehemently loyal and active internet organization.  Not something to scoff at, while it doesn’t look like the site will reach its initial goal of ten million dollars, not counting the sum raised prior to Nov. fifth, raising close to the equivalent of his entire take for the third quarter in one day bodes rather well for the Paul campaign.

But this news does come with its own bad news as well.  Had this occured months ago, it would have completely and totally upturned the scope of the Republican race.  As many of you already know, early on in the campaign season, campaign donations and not polling numbers are often seen as a much more reliable metric for the success of a candidate.  Given that the Republican field in toto has experience something of a financial drought this season, a fund drive like this would be no laughing matter.

But the heady days when fundraising was the primary metric are for the most part over.  With only two months left between now and when voters go to the polls, polling numbers are now the way to go, and of the candidates who have even a glimmer of hope at winning the nomination, Ron Paul definitely has a bumpy road ahead low on much to hope for.

Excluding Tancredo and Hunter whose continued presence as presidential candidates is outright laughable, Ron Paul is the lowest candidate on the totem poll, not breaking four percent in most national polls.

Nor, it should be taken into account, does Paul manage to best Romney, Giuliani, Huckabee, Thompson, or McCain in New Hampshire, Iowa, or South Carolina.

If anything, Ron Paul at once shows both the power and the relative weaknesses of the internet in the political process.  Ten years ago, it is reasonable to assume that a Ron Paul candidacy would not have survived a month or so before lack of any traction whatsoever resulted in him having to drop out, or at least run a campaign void of any press whatsoever.  But thanks to the internet phenomenon that follows the unlikely candidate, not only is Paul still going, but he’s still managing to grab headlines here and there.

On the other hand, we are also learning that strong internet organization isn’t everything, and despite perhaps one of the most aggressive online campaigns ever, Paul has yet to transform that into appreciable polling progress to make him a significant contender in the contest.

Update:  The final haul would ring in at $4.2 million

11 Responses to “Ron Paul’s Drive (Update)”

  1. matttbastard says:




  2. Dude… I’m not gonna not report on him.

  3. leo says:

    I’ve put together a live donation tracker with graphs, stats, and other neat things. Based on my data, Ron paul will pass $4 million for today.

  4. brody says:

    Finally Ron Paul has broken free of the rigged msm unscientific polls and is now widely recognized as a top-tier candidate.

  5. barry b. says:

    I actually thought the money bomb would barely break 2 mil – so i’m surpised that it just hit 3.2 mil. Money will help – with media coverage and more funds for radio and t.v. ads. But mainly I’m glad to see that so many young people are inspired by a founding father / constitutional message. The ron paul campaign will have a lasting effect on politics in this country – will be interesting to see what that will be.
    thanks for the article.

  6. Darel99 says:

    Hi Kyle,

    I like the layout of your site but dislike the same old replies to Paul. I suppose the left and the right should wake up…

    Here is why:

    Ron Paul leads Hillary Clinton in Key Demographic

    Ron Paul Receives Most Military Donations

    Ron Paul is Higest Polling Republican Amond Black Voters

    Further, have you noticed a trend of many states who require a change to the GOP for the upcoming primaries?

  7. James says:

    Suggesting that the opinion polls are what counts at this time (2 months before the first primaries), ignores the reality of the last few election cycles. Think Kerry/Dean, Buchanan/Dole, etc.

    With Ron Paul’s supporters coming from very diverse political backgrounds, and with the self-organization taking place across the country, early primary surprises (Oh my, the polls were wrong?!) would set up Paul for a real run at the nomination.

  8. NH_GOP says:

    I’m still amazed that you think there is a well organized internet campaign!

    There is none.

    But there is a lot of support which proves the polls are bogus.

    I mean, how can you vote in a poll that doesn’t include his name? D’uh.

    I’ve voted in the last 5 GOP primaries, but NEVER HAVE I ONCE BEEN CALLED AND TO VOTE

  9. J.P. says:

    I think the true question is whether Ron Paul has proved that the MSM polls are bogus?

    I truly believe he has.

  10. hiimallen says:

    Leave it to beaver to call polls more relevant than money. Anything to not see the truth, eh? Of course straw polls are not counted in the “scientific” polls are they? Ron Paul has won 10 of the last 12 of those, but who’s counting?

  11. Sean says:

    Landline polling is kaput.

    They may as well be trying to conduct their polls by smoke signals.

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