Something Light – Mikey’s Sunday Pride

Rather than fill you with worthless tunes that you will most certainly forget tomorrow I have chosen to use my “something light” posting of the week to show a little fatherly pride in my daughter Gabrielle. Yesterday Gabby, age 6, took part in her first Tae Kwon-Do tournament and walked away with two, count ’em two gold medals! The tournament was sponsored by Young Brothers Tae Kwon-Do and held at Pittsburgh’s North Hills Senior High School.


This first video is of Gabby winning her first Gold for the performance of her Chun-ji pattern.

This second video is of her winning her second Gold medal for winning best two out of three in sparring. She won two in a row.

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  1. mick says:

    Very cool – and very impressive. Congratulations to her. (And to you, I suppose, tho you are most likely living your empty life through your kids, like all parents, and had little or nothing to do with it. Still, bragging rights are a main perk of parenthood and should be taken full advantage if whenever the circumstances warrant it. My daughter, for example – a good deal older than yours, of course – is president of a small company that exports candles and accouterments to Europe and Canada, and the fact that I am disconnected from her success in every conceivable way imaginable has never stopped me from bragging about it as tho I were solely responsible. I consider it payback for what she put me through when she was 11. Like I said, perks.)

  2. mick says:

    Good form for a little kid, btw. Her routine was excellent – good discipline and proper positioning. In the bout, her front-kick was well extended most of the time and seemed to be consistently effective. Altho it was hard to tell with the judge standing right in front of them, it looked to me as if she landed every kick. I don’t think I saw a single successful defense by her opponent. Like I said, impressive.

  3. Thanks.

    I had pretty decent success in my life with sports so there is not really much of a “living vicariously” think going on. To be honest I try hard not to pressure her or get too involved, just go to the events and give her a couple hints then sit back and watch.

    Regarding the sparring, I am convinced she would have finished that bout in 10 seconds max had she done her kiups (the noise that one makes when striking KEE-UP) when landing the punches/kicks. The judges will not deliver a point unless both occur. That being said, I was thoroughly blown away having not expected her to do that well after only 2 months in tae kwon-do.

    Call me happy dad.

  4. mick says:

    Two months? I figured 6 months to a year. Wow. This kid does have talent.

    OK OK. Maybe she inherited it, I’ll give you that. Chip off the old block, etc. Congratulations to both of you, Happy Dad.

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