The Long Trip Home – Happy Thanksgiving

If you are like 30 million other Americans you are likely on your way to visit family at some distance greater than 50 miles from where you call home. For me the distance is roughly 250 miles or three quarters of a tank of gas and a one miserable parking lot on the Washington beltway.

Sadly, this holiday season marks the last year in what has been an excellent run of eight alternating Thanksgiving and Christmas visits between my family in Michigan and my wife’s in Maryland. Living in Pittsburgh since 1999 we have enjoyed the luxury of being nearly equidistant, a four and a half hour trip, between either of our two families. But this is all about to change.

In exactly one month, just days after the Christmas holiday I will be relocating my family – just the wife and daughter of course – to Vancouver, British Columbia. Our four and a half hour drives the in-laws are going to be replaced by five and half hour plane rides. Regular monthly visits from Grandma and Grandpa will be replaced by annual or bi-annual trips.

The decision to accept this work relocation did not come easy but in the end both my wife and I agree that it will be a great experience and one that, while unlikely to translate into foreign policy experience for my six year old daughter (snark), will be an adventure that we can simply not pass up.

So sitting here at my in-laws for this last easy Thanksgiving trip I wish to publicly give thanks for my wonderful family. I am thankful for their unconditional love, their willingness to let us make this massive change and take it in stride and their years of giving us three homes, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Michigan.

I am going to miss you all tremendously.

I would like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to my family, to the families of Kyle, Mac, Matt and Mick, and to all of you and yours.

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  1. Johnny D & Lynn says:

    Just came across this post and to our surprise, the dynamic Tedesco Trio is bailing out of the Pittsburgh area. We are truely sorry to see you leave, but wish you all the best. Good luck in your future endevours. Gotta jab ya —->(Go Buckeyes) J&L

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