Tightening The Pursestrings, Slowly

Though my pre-marriage love life was filled with heartache and sorrow, I think it is only now that I know what it truly feels like to be a jilted lover.

For those who share the same fate, you know what I mean.  Trodden upon by your single greatest desire, you are misused, abused, and cast aside as worthless.  For a while, it hurts, it hurts more than anything you’ve ever thought could hurt so much, and you swear amidst the anguished anger that you will never go back, you will never open your heart again to that person who so carelessly tore your heart asunder, you will never trust them again.

This is what you tell yourself in the shadowed recesses of your depressingly empty home, medicating yourself with ice cream or alcohol, whichever dulls the pain more, and just when you thought you had the thing beat, just when you found that inner strength to stand up and be an individual separate and significant without your toxic obsession of a lover, they return.

They return with tears and beautiful promises, and all that strength you found in their absence, all that resolve, it all drifts away, born on the wings of words that only minutes before you knew to be lies.

That’s kind of how I feel almost every time I read that the Democrats in congress might possibly do something right for a change.

Next up in the developing melodrama taking place in DC that might aptly be titled “We’re Trying Really Hard,” the Democrats are again at the very least signaling that they might take steps to end the war in Iraq.

WASHINGTON, Nov. 6 — House and Senate negotiators approved a $459 billion military spending bill today, but rejected a Republican bid to provide $70 billion more to continue fighting the war in Iraq without any restrictions.

Senior Democrats said they would provide less money for the war, for a shorter time, with certain restrictions that are to be decided in the next few days.

Senator Ted Stevens, Republican of Alaska, urged the House and Senate negotiators to provide the $70 billion for six months of combat in Iraq.

Senator Robert C. Byrd, the West Virginia Democrat who is chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, said: “This amendment would send to the president additional funding for his horrible, misguided war in Iraq without any Congressional direction that he change course. No strings attached. That would be a tragic mistake.”

My inadequate lover, my party, again brings me sweets and a card saying they won’t give Bush everything he asks for yet again, and I’m all too willing to see if this plays out.  It is true, they are going to offer some money, but even that money will supposedly come with restrictions.

I suppose I’ll have to wait and see what those restrictions are like.  But if those restrictions resemble anything like those imposed on the emergency Iraq War funding bill passed early this year, that’s to say not restrictions at all, then I’m giving up on them.  See?  I’m slowly wising up.

I promise.

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