Wake Me Up When The Veto Comes

This would be one of those times when I typically write, “this is a good start”, but that phrase has become so typical lately that it has now crossed over to the realm of the cliched.

The topic, FISA, the “good start” Democrats doing what they should have been doing from the beginning.  More specifically, while the House has just passed a version of the FISA bill that would not allow for retroactive telecommunication immunity, the Senate Judiciary also pushed out of committee a bill that does now grant immunity.  This is all fine and dandy, but there’s not even a guarantee it will make it to Bush’s veto pen.

Before that, can happen, the Judiciary committee’s version of the bill must go to loggerheads with the Intelligence committee’s version of the bill which does grant the much hated retroactive immunity.  To be honest, all things considered I do think that the final version of the bill that makes it to the President’s desk will not provide telecommunications with retroactive immunity, though the fact that everything in congress seems to dangle on some precipice or another keeps the fate of the final bill up in the air.

It doesn’t really matter much because we do know that the administration is planning on vetoing it anyway, hence my lack of excitement at this point.  What matters is not what comes now, but what comes after that veto.

Will the Democrats then do what they should do and send the same bill right on back to the president?  Or will they fold like they have a tendency to do?

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