Who Didn’t See This Coming?

I think Kevin Hayden has it about dead on, Dems are Charlie Brown, and the White House led Republican party is Lucy.

On the man’s second day of the job, Michael Mukasey, our shiny new Attorney General has said he opposes the new restrictions in Pat Leahy’s FISA bill, and will advise Bush to veto it.  The most notable example being, of course, the lack of retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies complicit with handing over information to the federal government that many believe stand as an infringement upon citizens’ right to privacy.

Mukasey and Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell co-signed the letter released Wednesday night by the Justice Department.

“We strongly oppose the proposed substitute amendment. If the substitute is part of a bill that is presented to the president, we and the president’s other senior advisers will recommend that he veto the bill,” they said.

Leahy last week introduced his substitute to a FISA modernization bill already approved by the Senate Intelligence Committee. That effort, led by Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., won wide bipartisan support and is backed by the administration. It includes retroactive immunity to legally protect the telecommunications companies which cooperated with the administration’s classified warrantless surveillance program.

Leahy, who had opposed Mukasey’s confirmation last week, is adamantly opposed to the immunity provision.

Mukasey and McConnell listed nearly a dozen other provisions or omissions in the Leahy plan which they said “would not provide the intelligence community with the tools it needs effectively to collect foreign intelligence information vital for the security of the nation.”

The White House, meanwhile, released a statement calling Leahy’s plan “a step back for our nation’s security.”

That last little bit I put in bold for a specific reason, that’s the signal that nothing has changed.  This administration will continue to govern out of fear by employing fear.  We politely ask for our civil liberties to remain intact, the government not so politely reminds us that if such a thing is allowed to be, we will all be in grave danger.

And Mike Mukasey, the professional that would at least have been better than Gonzales is coming off the bench swinging for the fences, and all of a sudden all of Chuck Schumer’s equivocations seem pretty insignificant.

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