A Moral Victory In Jersey

If you don’t know my stance on the death penalty, then you aren’t a long time reader.  From time to time I have written extensively on the subject, and I make no bones about it, the state should not execute people, in the end it really is just that simple.

While the death penalty debate is likely to rage on for some time, we find progress and cause for hope in the state of New Jersey.  Governor Jon Corzine just signed into law a bill passed by the state legislature that bans the use of the death penalty, commuting all current sentences to death to life in prison without the chance of parole, making it the first state to do so since the death penalty was restored by the Supreme Court back in’ 76.

The move was, for the most part symbolic.  New Jersey hadn’t executed anyone since the sixties, meanwhile, the US is on a nationwide moratorium regarding the death penalty as the Supreme Court examines the constitutionality of lethal injections.

Still, while this may not be a bill passed in a place that frequently uses the death penalty, like, say, Texas, I think I join a great many other anti-death stalwarts in hoping that this move shapes the debate in the future.  Thank you New Jersey!

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