Alas, Poor Tancredo…

Alas, poot Tom Tancredo, we hardly knew ye…

Actually, okay, we knew ye well enough, maybe too well.  Anyone who’s been following the race from the start would know that there was only one thing that you had to know to have a decent grasp on Tom Tancredo; he wasn’t a fan of immigration.  And now it looks as though we may be saying good bye.

Tancredo’s xenophobic tendencies were difficult to ignore, and unfortunately played to some of the basest aspects of the Republican base.  It wasn’t merely that he was a single issue candidate that focused on immigration, it was his hard liner, even at times bigoted approach to the issue that really put me off my lunch most times.

But you got to expect that when you deal with wingnuts.  Still, Tancredo outdid himself.  While I had never had a particular desire to see the Republican debates reach a higher level of discourse, only Tom could take what was already a low brow thuggish event and drive it even lower, turning every issue around to immigration.

You could complain about how bad city water tastes, and this man I’m sure would find a way to blame it on illegal immigrants.

So not too soon do we find that Tancredo has called for a press conference tomorrow to make a very important announcement.  As the Politico reports, while there is no confirmation, it is believed that the announcement will be that Congressman Tancredo will be dropping out of the presidential race.

Initially I was skeptical.  Even Tancredo couldn’t possibly be dumb enough to think that his candidacy ever had a shot, and thus obviously had to know that the only purpose it might serve would be to raise awareness of the immigration debate.  He surely would have at least tried to stay in until the first caucus.

But Richard Miniter has a decent theory that might justify the Congressman abandoning the presidential campaign trail.  That to pick up the Senate campaign trail.

Realistically, Tancredo doesn’t have a happy pill’s chance in Rush Limbaugh’s medicine cabinet; however, his shot at the Senate now that Republican Wayne Allard has signaled that he will be leaving his seat at the end of his term.

This of course raises the question as to what impact this will have on the rest of the Republican field.  If, as Miniter and others believe, he chooses to endorse Fred Thompson, it could give the former senator even more of a bump at a time when his fortunes are tentatively starting to look up, but let’s face it.  Tancredo has been from the beginning of the race statistical noise and little more.  He has virtually no voter support, and the only difference between what he says on immigration and what the rest of the field sans McCain are saying is volume.

Thus, I really think the only effect he’ll have on the race is not being a part of it anymore.

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  1. Mark says:

    Actually, I heard Tancredo on XM POTUS 08 the other day. He just sounded like a dead man walking; it was pretty obvious he was on the verge of dropping out of the race. I don’t think he’s going to be making a comeback; I could be wrong, but all of the campaigning recently has really taken its toll on the dude. Not that I feel sorry for him- my sense of schadenfreude says it’s kind of nice to know that he’s paying dearly for his xenophobic run for President.

    The XM interview was actually interesting, too, because Tancredo was expressing that he’s quite happy with where the debate on immigration has moved in the last 10 years (much to my chagrin, and admittedly in large part due to Tancredo’s own efforts to spread xenophobia). He even suggested that he’s not sure there’s much left for him to do (part of the reason it was clear he was about to drop out of the race).

    FWIW, the rest of my analysis of this is here:

    Also, I made a somewhat significant announcement yesterday that you all may want to check out.

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