Are There Any Questions About How Ron Paul Feels About His Nuttier Supporters?

I haven’t been following it that closely.  If you want more in depth reporting on Ron Paul and some of his nuttier supporters, I suggest you check out Mark over at Publius Endures who has done more than a few posts tracking the Ron Paul brigade.  But when I talk about nutty Ron Paul supporters, I’m not talking about the creepy folks who could be mistaken for extras in a zombie flick.  No, we’re talking about White Supremacist groups like Stormfront, who have a nice “Ron Paul for President” plastered in giant letters at the bottom of their homepage.

It has been Ron Paul’s unwillingness to distance himself from these folks that has become a central storyline to his campaign, as well as the phenomenal fundraisers, and eerie internet cult.  But if you are interested in just how unwilling he is to separate himself, just take a gander at this.

 (h/t LGF)

Yeah, those two grinning white boys would be the ironically named Don and Derek Black, the founder of Stormfront, and his scary looking son who obviously took his fashion tips from the old Stephen King movie Children of the Corn.

Is it possible this is all just a strange misunderstanding?  That Dr. Paul didn’t really know who these people are?  Sure, of course it is.  But, especially considering how much of his campaign is based on the internet, I don’t expect it should take him very long to learn just how damning a picture like this.  I’ll be interested to see what damage control will look like from the Paul campaign.

That is, of course, if there is any.

6 Responses to “Are There Any Questions About How Ron Paul Feels About His Nuttier Supporters?”

  1. libertarian says:

    When did Ron Paul fail to denounce racists and truthers? Have you seen any of the recent interview, that’s the only thing they give him time to do! Heaven forbid we discuss policies.

    BTW: Stormfront likes Ron Paul because of his opposition to the war. I guess the entire anti-war movement has been tained by its nazi connection?

    Remember, to denounce nazis, you need to support blowing up some foreign country. Doesn’t make much sense in this context, does it?

  2. Mark says:

    I’ve avoided posting on this one, as I came to the exact same conclusion as David Weigel:

    Candidates take pictures with hundreds or thousands of people at campaign events, especially debates like this one. Rarely, if ever, do they know with whom they’re taking the picture.

    Unfortunately, Paul’s unwillingness to denounce these types of people more clearly (and in some cases, active solicitation of their support) leaves him vulnerable to attacks like this even though they would not gain much traction with other candidates.

    So while the talk over this picture is, I think, deeply unfair, Paul bears plenty of responsibility for creating a situation in which he is vulnerable to attacks like this.

  3. libertarian says:

    “I think the philosophy of white supremacists is completely wrong, its immoral”

    So, is it that Ron Paul has failed to denounce these people, or that the media has selective hearing & an overwhelming desire to drive traffic over truth?

  4. And here’s my point; not that the picture exists, but instead that there isn’t what I would call significant damage control As Mark points out, candidates gladhand hundreds of folks a day, and it’s not reasonable to think that someone will accidentally end up grippin’ and grinnin’ with unsavory folks.

    But given the buzz surrounding how unwilling Paul is to distance himself with these folks, how willing he is to take their money is a story in and of itself.

    As for your youtube link, Lib, I can’t check it now because I’m at work and they have youtube firewalled. But, general mea culpas and distinct denouncements are totally different.

  5. eRobin says:

    I’m pretty sure that Ron Paul is one of Ron Paul’s nuttier supporters.

  6. schlomo says:

    Does anyone else not notice the black guy in the blue jersey behind RP? Those Nazi parties must be really hurting for membership if they are allowing the blacks in…..

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