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I know.  The Clinton/Obama fight has gotten pretty rough, with most of the mud coming from the Clinton side of the trenches.  But if you thought things had delved into the depths of absurdity already, boy were you wrong.

At the same time the Clinton campaign established a website dedicated to showing just how kind and likable Hillary Clinton is as a person, they also established two domain names expressly designed for the purpose of attacking Barack Obama.

The focal point of the attack is over a handful of “present” votes by then state senator Obama, a few of which cast on bills where he probably should have actually voted yea or nay.  Look, he’s my horse in the race, but I won’t claim he’s perfect.

But at the heart of this is one of the two prime reasons governors tend to have better chances at the presidency than members of congress.  One, of course, being that governors actually have executive experience, the other being that as a legislator, one tends to build up a rather long voting record even in a short amount of time.  While there are obviously voting statements made during these votes, the record alone is a list of yeas, nays, present, or not present.

Given the complexity of many bills that make it through any legislative body, this gives opponents the opportunity to use a legislators record to pretty much paint a candidate with whatever brush they choose.  A small example would be Sean Hannity during the 2004 election claiming that Kerry voted to raise taxes over three hundred times during his tenure as a senator.

Of course, this isn’t exactly true, and the tally that Hannity used was grossly unbalanced as it would count single bills multiple times, as well as counting votes against tax cuts.

Thus, even the seemingly squeekiest clean senator will have a voting record that could turn into a liability if he has an opponent that is wily enough, and void of scruples enough, to construct whatever tale he or she wants to.

In light of all this, I simply have one question.  Does Hillary Clinton REALLY want to bring up past voting records?

(*cough*Iraq War*cough*Iranian Revolutionary Guard*cough)

Man… I really need to get that cough looked at.

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