Bill Clinton; Kettle, Pot, Black… Look Into It

Okay, I had to at least get one post up because this is just too damn funny.  Unlike his wife, Hillary, Bill Clinton is still liked if not loved by many Americans.  Even those who can’t stand him as a politician or president will admit that they wouldn’t mind throwin’ a few back with ol’ Slick Willy.

Thus one would think that him lending his considerable charm and political heft to his wife’s campaign would be a great asset.  Unfortunately, all we get are the same kind of paradoxes and bald faced contradictions that the Clinton campaign has been churning out for some time now.

If anything, recent weeks have shown the Clinton campaign employing the usage of the backhanded campaign to deliver jabs at her number one contender for the Democratic nomination, and Bill seems ready and willing to hop on board.  This time, he uses glowing praise for the man to frame the central point that Barack is not ready.

Funny thing, that’s what Republicans were saying about Bill back in 92 when he was making his run for the White House.

That he shamelessly employs Republican talking points used against him during his campaign only goes to show the hypocracy of the Clintons who have tried to accuse Hillary’s opponents for doing the very same thing against them.  While Hillary whines about Republican talking points being used against her, the most talking points happen to be coming from her campaign and her surrogates.

There is another thing about this whole mess that is important to note, and I know that I’m not the only one to have picked up on this.  Obama is more Clinton like than Clinton… Hillary that is.  If one were to liken Hillary to a recent president, it would not be her husband, but instead the current president whom she attacks with such zeal.  She looks into the mirror, and lashes out.  Meanwhile, Obama who enjoys far more independent and cross the aisle support than his leading opponent, is perhaps more analogous to the ex-president who manage to enjoy approval ratings in the sixties even while he was being impeached.

This possibly because Obama, from one issue to the next, embodies the leftist idealism of the early Bill Clinton, while at the same time nodding to the more centrist and bi-partisan Clinton of later years.  Still, I guess it’s too far of a reach to think that Bill would start working against his wife.

And so, what we have is this curious situation in which the criticism that Bill engages against Obama for the sake of his wife’s campaign could in a way be considered as criticism against himself.

Obama, who is far more adept at countering criticism than people are willing to give him credit for, handles the attacks gracefully and masterfully:

So it was no surprise that Obama was ready to respond to the former president’s criticism.

“Here’s a quote,” Obama said with a smile. “‘The same old experience is irrelevant. You can have the right kind of experience or the wrong kind of experience. And mine is rooted in the real lives of real people, and it will bring real results if we have the courage to change.'”

“And that was Bill Clinton in 1992.”


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