Dodd Filibuster Successful For Now

It’s not time to start popping champagne bottles quite yet, but there is definitely some good news on the FISA bill front.

Technically not a filibuster, Chris Dodd did at least follow through on his promise to hold the FISA bill up as long as it contained retroactive immunity for telecom companies, and for the time being, it seems to have worked.

Sensing that a final vote would not come before congress has to recess for the year, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tabled the motion until January when he promised to pick the bill up for debate again.

Thanking Reid, Dodd expressed hope that in the meantime, the Senate could come up with a compromise that would not take the decision of immunity out of the courts’ hands.

I’ve some personal thoughts on this whole proceeding.  For one, and please read to the end before delivering nasty comments and hate mail to me.  From the beginning, this has struck me as presidentially motivated; that’s to say that Dodd has engaged in the filibuster promise at least partially because of his presidential campaign.

This is probably because from day one I’ve gotten a slew of mailers about the filibuster, not from Dodd’s congressional office, but from his presidential campaign.  Some have even made the point that Dodd has come off the campaign trail to do this.  But, to be honest, this is about the best thing Dodd could ever do for his presidential aspirations.

But before you get the impression that I’m treating this cynically, please don’t misunderstand me.  I don’t think this is a stunt, and I completely approve of Dodd’s doing this amid his presidential campaign.  In fact, I’m not even going to cry foul because unlike the frontrunners who have been playing tit for tat the past few weeks, if the Dodd filibuster was politically motivated, at least it was for all the right reasons.

In other words, maybe other candidates from other fields should be doing this.  Dodd might have been seeking to score political points for this, and by all means, seeking or not, he deserves them.  Next to him, the only presidential candidate that even gets in the same ballpark is Obama who at least put out a supportive statement.  Unfortunately, as an Obama supporter, I even have to admit that the statement was lame compared to Dodd’s action.

In short, what Dodd did today was show some solid Democratic leadership, and had the rest of the party members in the Senate and the House showed half the backbone he showed today, I think America would be in a far different and better place than we are today.

Thank you Senator.  Now go get some rest so you can take ’em down in the new year.

3 Responses to “Dodd Filibuster Successful For Now”

  1. Dynamic says:

    I’m an Edwards supporter (and I’m under the impression that Edwards would stand up for this fight if he were in the Senate as well), but I have to admit that Dodd’s impressed me with this. I’d be willing to cast my vote his way, and I think I may chip in some cash after Christmas for his campaign. He’s earned it.

  2. Well said. Later today I’ll probably post a link for folks to donate to.

  3. slag says:

    Dodd rocked the house! (Or really, the senate)

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