Hey David! I Got Your Standards Right Here!

I’m going to say a name you probably haven’t heard much, and if you have, you’re a bigger news geek than I am.  It is David Hazinski, a former NBC correspondent, and in a recent piece he muses over the dangers of “citizen journalism”.  There seems to be some cheese mixed in with the whine (made from very sour grapes of course), but I’m gonna help you out David.  Since you’re so busy being all professional and can’t come right out and say what you mean, I’ll do it for ya.

Blow me.


And fuck you too!

Okay, big shocker, the blogger is going to get up in arms over the guy who condemns bloggers, but Hazinski is now teaching this shit in college, he should know better.  He should know that the firestorm of journalistic blogging has arisen largely out of the failings of the “professional” media.  While they may not agree, for instance, both lefties and righties have valid gripes with the mainstream media in their failures to cover the news as it should be covered (often times both sides claiming the media has a bias in the other direction).

My personal opinion on that specific topic is simply that too much of the corporatized media is so deathly afraid to offend anyone or anything that might affect shareholders’ bottom lines that what they sell as news is whitewashed, over balanced, limp, and impotent.

But that’s just me.

Something else Hazinski should know, and this speaks directly to his claim that we internet journalists are prone to letting bad stories get too much coverage.  For one, it’s not that easy.  You don’t get to sit down at your ‘puter one day, start a blog, and then start passing off bad info and watch it turn into a journalistic firestorm within a newscycle.  It takes time, effort, and integrity to build up to the kind of prominence that even gets you in the door of affecting news cycles as a blogger.  And I think an alum of the MSM should be a little careful who he’s waving fingers at (*cough*Dan Rather and the typewriter*cough*Swift Boat Veterans For Truth*cough*).

Finally, and this is the big one.  We do this because it’s our voice, and it’s our first amendment granted right to use that voice.  Finally the internet is allowing every day citizens to take part in the national debate on all facets at all levels, and we’re just getting going.  You bemoan the politicians you have to choose from?  The internet’s already fixing it.  Politicians can’t get away with half of what they used to based upon the rapid fire fact checking and information dissemination provided by the ‘net.  You rue the state of MSM coverage?  While CNN may be content to spend an entire newscycle on whatever Lindsay Lohan may have thrown up on the sidewalk, we’re right here, doing research, checking the wires, bringing the information that actually makes a difference in people’s lives.

 We’re exercising our free speech, we’re breaking out of the mold of mass media fed automatons, and as a result, I think we are becoming a stronger and better informed electorate for it.

So, in conclusion, Mr. Hazinski, please don’t take your head out of your ass again, it’s rather annoying.

Update:  I’ve read a lot of comments and I wonder if Mr. Hazinski is aware of the verbal beatdown he is receiving from the citizen journalists he provoked.  I’m kinda curious if he even expected a different reaction.  I’m just saying.

Whether he’s read a lot or any of the comments, I’ve read a few, and they’re pretty good.  Memeo’s got a good round up.

Plus I wanna thank Matt, Libby, and the GTO, all for linking in.  And C&L as well. 

But I wanted to just pop by because I’ve read lots of great come backs to Hazinski’s little foot in mouth display, but for some reason, this commenter’s contribution over at the Opinionator really sticks with me:

Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one
-AJ Liebling
Now we all own one.
-Posted by adam

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

13 Responses to “Hey David! I Got Your Standards Right Here!”

  1. Dynamic says:

    I think it telling to note that Hazinski brings up some examples of the abuses of citizen journalism – including the “hundreds of hoaxes” that appear to out there – and then specifically mentions the responses that are already more than effective enough to counter them – snopes.com being the example cited.

    Just as mainstream journalists rely on self regulation, so to does the blogosphere have a healthy self-regulating aspect. The profusion of fact-checking sites in recent years can attest to that.

    If Mr. Hazinski wants to talk about spreading rumors and uncontrolled opinion posing as journalism, he can investigate Fox News.

  2. Agreed. And I think I have to credit missing the irony of Hazinski recognizing snopes to the fact that I was up past midnight writing last night. Good catch!

    The most inane aspect of his piece is just how self contradictory it was, and when you step back to look at it, it really has the feel of someone whining because this new entity has popped up, it isn’t bound by the chains the mainstream media is bound by, and it’s getting just as popular.

    Thus, he wants tochain us down, regulate us, etc. Well, I’ll tell ya what, if CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, even FNC wants to cut me a contract, they can regulate me all they want. Until that happens, they can all give me a knobber.

    That’s jut my feeling on the matter.

  3. That is instantly bookmarked!

  4. matttbastard says:

    ‘Professional’ standards of excellence certainly didn’t stop the Post from running what Michael Tomansky recently called the “single worst piece of political journalism” he’s ever read.

    • Major news organizations must create standards to substantiate citizen-contributed information and video, and ensure its accuracy and authenticity.

    Physician, heal thyself.

  5. God yeah, that was terrible. Seriously, and I think Libby Spencer at the impolitic has it about right. Dude’s peddling his journalism classes in Georgia. Problem is, it’s prolly not wise to insult the people you’re trying to sell too.

  6. GuitardeKev says:

    I try to keep it simple and avoid trusting any so-called “Journalist” who doesn’t use the work “fuck”. Sunsabitches.

  7. Chopvac says:

    Here is the clown’s phone and email if you want to tell him what you think and that he isn’t thinking:

    David Hazinski
    xxx-xxx-xxxx [edited out – mt]

    Use profanity if necessary, but not necessarily profanity.

  8. Plisko says:

    People in glass houses. . . .

  9. Steve says:

    It is very interesting that this guy has mulled over abuses that could, and already have happened, but fails to go the distance and realize what could happen if his own ‘remedies’ were implemented. So, someone would post something like this..

    “Since you’re so busy being all professional and can’t come right out and say what you mean, I’ll do it for ya.

    Blow me.


    And fuck you too!”

    Then, under any system this guy would advocate, those that handle the regulation would be knocking on the door. This is a more ominous scene than any he describes. It is really hard to believe that he has lived here as long as he has and can still spout such crap.

  10. Bill Quick says:

    And I think an alum of the MSM should be a little careful who he’s waving fingers at (*cough*Dan Rather and the typewriter*cough*Swift Boat Veterans For Truth*cough*).

    I know it’s an article of faith (cause it sure ain’t rational) over here on the left that the Swifties’ charges were all outright lies, but just out of curiosity, could you let me know what lies they told? And point me at Kerry’s refutations of them?

  11. Cecil Graham says:

    Anyone that takes Hazinski seriously should have their head examined. Hazinski and the rest of the so called journalists of all stripes layed down and played dead while the President lied to us about weapons of mass destruction so that we could invade Iraq. I have no stomach for CBS, CNN, ABC, NBC and not to forget FOX Noise.
    I stopped watching them after the 2000 general election was stolen. Im no journalistic scholar but I hate when someone try to piss on my leg and then try to tell me its raining.

    Thank God for Bloggers without them it would be like the former Soviet Union redux.

    Keep up the good work.

  12. steeve says:

    The media wasn’t “whitewashed, over balanced, limp, and impotent” during the Clinton years. It’s you trotting out the false balance there. Conservative claims of media bias are unfounded.


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