Huck Confirms Foreign Policy Fears

There’s no doubt that in many ways, when Mike Huckabee entered the Republican primary race, he was just the brand of conservative a lot of folks were looking for.  An actual minister, and former Arkansan governor (I suppose it is worth mentioning that Arkansas has a history of electing their governors to the White House), Huckabee possessed that special brand of social conservatism that so many of the frontrunners lacked.

And yet, poor name recognition was not the only obstacle that stood in Huckabee’s way.  Many felt that Huck lacked the foreign policy bona fides that candidates such as (I really can’t believe I’m about to type this) Rudy Giuliani held in spades.  Now, as Huck’s star is rising, the foreign policy question has become significantly more important given that the entire nature of the governor’s campaign has elevated from the status of a mere point of interest to actual contender.

What a terrible time to get caught not paying attention to the news, huh?

If you pick up newspapers, if you go online for your news, if you turn on cable news (I would assume, I don’t know, I don’t have cable), then you couldn’t miss the release of the declassified NIE report which greatly debunked many of the warmongering claims made by the administration this year.  News of the document has gobbled up the news cycles since as we continue to learn more about how the report affected the administration behind the scenes and we continue to speculate how this is going to affect administration policy in the days to come.

So there is really no excuse for Huck to not have known and had a response ready on the subject of the NIE.  Yet, this ignorance of the biggest foreign policy headline of the past few days is exactly what Huckabee displayed at an on the record dinner with the press last night.

It’s the kind of mistake that someone who has clawed his way (admirably, might I add) out of obscurity can’t afford to make, particularly in the area in which he engenders the most apprehension.  The fatal flaw here is that being a Republican he should be expected to have a solid grasp on the news and have a pat answer prepared on how to turn those events into a thirty second sound bite on bombing people.

I don’t think this is going to result in the immediate end of Huckabee’s rise in the field, but Huckabee and his campaign staff should not tolerate another failure such as this making print.  If he wants his campaign to be anything more than an interesting color story at the Republican National Convention, Huck needs a foreign policy drill team stat, and if he does have a FP/NS guy already on his staff, that guy needs to be fired and replaced with someone who actually picks up a news paper once in a while.

I’m just sayin’.

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