It Was Only A Matter Of Time

Congressmen Obey and Murtha set the tone in the House, finally putting the Democrats on a path towards success in the Iraq War debate.  If you’ll remember, it was David Obey who led the charge and pledged not to allow any Iraqi War appropriation bills to see the light of day without some very heavy and binding strings attached, and thus far he has remained true to his word.

Unfortunately, there are some rather squishy spined Senate Democrats that are already trying to find a way to undermine his courageous stance.

Joe Biden expressed it perfectly in a Democratic debate: “There are some things worth losing elections over.”  Ironically, that argument was made in favor of continuing to fund the Iraq War, but the sentiment I believe is universal, and should now be applied in the opposite direction.

Unfortunately, too many Senate Democrats are so worried about their jobs that they don’t even consider that perhaps they should fight handing Bush more money to wage his ill-begotten war.  Bush dropped a fear based threat to fire Civillian DoD employees and this was enough to send Democrats diving for cover and capitulation.

This all just goes to show that yet again Democrats are terrible politicians compared to Republicans and it’s absolutely frustrating.

Unwittingly, Don Surber reveals the germane details.  The short version is simply that the War is more popular than congress.  What Surber omits, however, is that the reason for this is because Congress continues to fail in its attempts at ending the war.

This only scratches the surface of neoconservative misdirection, as has been the case for months now in the entire Iraq argument.  Note how the more frequent argument is that polls show that more Americans think that the surge has worked, however expert testimony to that is rather scarce, and limited only to those that one would expect to say that the surge is working in the first place regardless of its actual success; the administration, those stalwarts who continue to cheer the administration on, and those tasked with executing the surge in the first place.

Meanwhile, the still nearly non existant infrastructure, the political situation which is still no closer to reconcilliation than it was when the surge began, and a number of other factors continue to be ignored by those who are so invested in symbolic yet meaningless victory.

Where are the Democrats who should be forcing this to lead the debate?

What about the morality?  What about this war being a mistake from the beginning?  Where is the politicking off of the FACT that the neoconservative agenda is only extending the US foreign policy that creates situations that reduce US credibility in the Muslim world while at the same time fails to establish stability in the Middle East but instead only fosters chaos and ire?

What about simple self-determination, and the idea that the US presence acts as one of the greatest obstacles of self-determination in Iraq?

There is an inherent logical flaw in the idea of forcing Democracy on other people, a paradoxical initiative that doesn’t work, not in theory and not in practice.  The US doesn’t create democracies in the Middle East, it supports US friendly dictatorships, those dictatorships in turn are only moderately friendly and do not carry with them the hearts and minds of the people over whom they govern.

The core bit of evidence behind the great pro Iraq War push that we see right now is that violence has been decreased.  Great!  I’m glad, I really am!  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg of problems facing Iraq right now, and that relative peace that we see there currently is tentative at best.

What is bothersome at this point is that the Democrats are not making a substantive and principled stand, but instead trying to find a way of signaling to the anti-war base while at the same time covering their own asses against Bush’s political onslaught, and that is exactly why their approval ratings are so low in the first place.

Make the principled stand, and make the arguments and if you lose, if you get voted out, then that’s the way it goes.  If Bush wants to fire a bunch of civilian employees, that’s his decision, and congressional Dems should be out front making that argument every single day.  If there is military progress in Iraq, don’t run from it, but start asking the mandatory questions and shedding light on the necessary facts.  What’s next?  Is America’s continued presence in Iraq really the best for us and them in the long term?

Yes, I’m very much anti-war, but it is not my anti-war stance that has me so upset with congressional Dems right now, it’s the utter lack of principled argument from our side of the aisle.  It’s the utter lack of fortitude and the lame attempts at trying to straddle an irreparable gap of opinion.

Pick a side.

Dig in.

And get it done.

Otherwise don’t be surprised if party voters are ready to replace you with someone who will.

One Response to “It Was Only A Matter Of Time”

  1. Laura says:

    Thanks, KyleE. Disappointing. On pouring more money into this war, it just seems like there’s some pretty loose bookkeeping going on here. Couldn’t they redistribute some of the zillion $$$ they’ve already ok’d to pay for actual soldiers’ needs? I guess having Congress threaten to pull funding from private contracts in Iraq is pretty much out of the question… Go ahead, give George’s war more money; just put it on the card. What a mess.

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