iVoices – A Physical Journey Across the Blogosphere

When I asked Mick Arran if he would mind filling in for me while I spent the past three months (and the next one as well) preparing, packing, and moving my family to Canuckistan I had no idea how much of an impact he would have on this blog.

I first came across Mick back in 2004 when he was maintaining a blog called Arran’s Alley. At the time I was fumbling around the edges of effectively using my blog. Mick on the other hand was a well established voice and one that I looked up to. To this day I still look up to Mick and his work. There is no doubt that whatever he decides to put his mind to will be worth a read. His voice has contributed indelibly to the fabric of this blog, an effort for which I am eternally appreciative.

Recently I received a message from Mick informing me  that due to personal circumstances he was going to have to stop writing for ‘Comments’. As it turns out, he is setting off on a journey that is both frightening and thrilling, a journey that will test his medal as well as the generosity and kindness of others, and – lucky for us – a journey which he has chosen to document in a new blog titled iVoices.

I will do my best to alert the readers of ‘Comments’ to updates at iVoices. I am sure it will be quite an engaging endeavor. Please join me in wishing Mick the best of luck on his personal voyage. Good luck my friend (and see you soon).

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