LIEberman: The Parody Continues

You remember how Lieberman once said that he was committed to Democrats winning the White House in 2008, and then he turned around and said that he might support a Republican or a Democrat?  Now, I want you to try and be not too surprised about this, but old turncoat Joe has decded to endorse Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain.

If I keep up with such shocking news as this, I’m going to have to put up heart warnings and stuff.

There are, of course, a million things wrong with all of this.  For instance, I’m sure that the Ol’ Straight Talk Express is not jumping up and down for this one.  All things considered, McCain needs hardcore conservatves on his side, not someone who, according to the media anyway, “caucuses with the Democrats”.  While Joe isn’t even a DINO anymore, among the conservative base I’m sure he has enough of the Democratic stink on him to be less appealing.

As for independents and Democrats, though, Lieberman’s endorsement doesn’t come as an independent victory, but instead a reminder of the traitorous disappointment that is embodied in Lieberman’s continued existence in the political sphere.

And I wonder how successful the neoconservative angle will continue to play in politics as time goes on.

In the end, Lieberman’s endorsement is about par for the course of McCain’s campaign; uninspired, overly pandering, and at this point flagging in political significance.

On the other hand, if Hillary is the only alternative, I think I might vote for McCain.  Between he, Clinton, and Lieberman, McCain’s the only one that has the courage to actually call himself a Republican.

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