Mitt, People Actually Factcheck What You Say

I just figured I’d throw that helpful little reminder up there, you know, so maybe Mitt Romney wouldn’t feel the need to lie or bend the truth when he, oh, I don’t know, delivers perhaps the most important political speech of his career.  The speech of course was his much touted religion speech, one I thought absolutely disgusting, but still well done.

On the other hand, there were bits that I liked, for instance the bit where Romney talked about his dad marching with Martin Luther King Jr.  Ah, if only it were actually true.

 David Bernstein, writing for the Phoenix, does a little digging and comes up with a very interesting conclusion; George Romney, Mitt’s dad, never marched with Martin Luther King Jr.  What’s more, even if he did actually march with King, Mitt would have missed it because he was in France at the time on mission.

What is unfortunate, for Mitt anyway, is that his father apparently was rather strong on Civil Rights, and did participate in a Civil Rights march, just not one with the famous Dr. King.  The point is that, had the speech been tooled a little different, had the acknowledgement of his father’s role in the civil rights movement been more honestly portrayed, then it would have been just as powerful of a reminder that the Mormon church does not necessarily fit into the racist mold others have carved for it.

But Mitt just got caught reaching, and this turns that entire portion of his speech not about how his father was on the right side of the Civil Rights fight, and how this proves Mormon isn’t a racist religion as some claims, into a referendum on how big of a lying liar Mitt is.

Way to go Romney!

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