Morning Content

Good morning.  Unfortunately, our heater took a dive last night in the dead of winter.  As a result, there will likely be little to no morning content as I scramble to get it fixed.  I apologize for the inconvenience, and encourage you to check back later this afternoon or evening when I hope to make up for the lack of coverage.

Thank you.

2 Responses to “Morning Content”

  1. Dynamic says:

    Argh, I’ve been in a similar situation in the past, not fun at all. Best wishes for getting that sorted out ASAP.

  2. Thanks! After a day of hell at work, I came home and the house was curiously warm. apparently after my wife told me it wouldn’t get fixed until tomorrow evening, the guy should up and fixed it five minutes later! Yay heat! Yay hopefully life back to normal.

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