Notice A Pattern Here?

It should be widely understood that the dirtiest campaigns do not come, at least on the surface, from the candidates involved themselves.  This is particularly true the higher up you go for the more exposure a race has, the less a candidate can afford to have a good old batch of mud slinging attached to their “I approved this message” statement on television.

Thus, when we get to presidential politics, you will find that candidates hardly sling mud at all, but a campaign in desperation will find a multitude of ways of getting oppo out through surrogates, whisper campaigns, proxies, and supporters.

Thus we find ourselves focusing the microscope on the Clinton vs. Obama battle currently going on in the race for the Democratic nomination.  Now, Hillary has edged out Obama in direct nastiness, but for the most part, she’s kept things relatively clean coming directly from her.

But when we look at her campaign, her surrogates, and her supporters, things get far murkier.  I guess the kindergarten flap would act as the precursor; a wild swing and a miss coming not from Clinton herself, but her campaign, more specifically, her campaign manager Mark Penn who eventually tried to retract the attack by claiming it was all a “joke”.



But then there was the drug use incident.  If you’ll remember it was Hillary Clinton’s Co-Chair in New Hampshire who brought up Obama’s prior drug use, claiming that Republicans would tear it apart, and for this reason, Hillary was far more electable.  Within days Shaheen resigned, turning the attack into a kamikazi dive bomb that utterly failed to do damage, and in fact, only reminded people that Obama was refreshingly honest about his drug use in the past.

Now, in almost the same breath that he endorses Clinton, Bob Kerrey is out there talking about how Obama attended a madrassa when he was six.  This as well as reminding everyone that, yes, Obama’s middle name is Hussein.  Though he tries to take a bit of the edge off, the only thing that Kerrey is doing is rekindling the used right wing smear that Obama is an islamist candidate trying to perpetrate the highest office in the land.

What’s even sadder about this is that Kerrey can’t even get it right, claiming that Obama went to a “secular madrassa” which is an entity that doesn’t exist.  What’s worse, CNN, the network that helped Kerrey drudge up this mud covered gem, is also the same network that debunked the story earlier this year.

And Hillary accuses other campaigns of using right wing talking points.

At the same time Clinton surrogates and supporters are dropping oppo like pennies in a Salvation Army Santa collection bucket, Clinton herself has engaged in this cool new campaign strategy that might be called, “At Least I’ve Been Vetted.”  The message, obvious to me, maybe not to others, is that while Obama is a drug dealing Islamo-terrorist, at least you won’t find any such skeletons in Hillary’s closet.

But here’s the kicker; the truth behind the rumors that the Clinton camp seems all too eager to let see the light of day are not new revelations.  From his drug use to his familial relations to Muslims (note: Muslims, not terrorists), Obama has been open about all of this from the very beginning.

Still, at this point I really don’t mind.  If Hillary wants to keep going after school-age Obama, I’ve no qualms playing the Mrs. Dubose role.

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  1. terry says:

    You know I read Bob Kerrey’s statement, then reread it…and I’m still baffled. One minute he’s endorsing HRC, then in comments afterward he’s saying Obama might be the nominee, then he launches into the Hussein/Muslim statement.

    They’ve either all lost their minds or are deliberately trying to lose? Or they think voters are that stupid?

    Then there’s Bill. You could do a series of posts on things he has said, including the latest:
    Hillary Will Call Upon Bush 41

  2. I agree, Terry, the Clinton campaign has become something of a baffling entity. Though, Bill’s remarks about Bush the first aren’t quite as bad as all that. The former presidents Clinton and Bush have in their post presidential years formed a kind of friendship that I think a decent number of people are rather fond of, and in so doing they have led a rather successful humanitarian effort.

    For more interesting is the criticisms that Bill aimed at Obama which are almost a carbon copy of what Republicans were saying about him when he made his 1992 presidential bid.

    In Obama’s response to that, he ends up quoting Bill Clinton himself. I hope to post on it later today.


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