Obama Clinton Momentum Continues

Another poll, this one USA Today/Gallup, shows Barack Obama pulling even with front runner Hillary Rodham Clinton.  This is well in keeping with polling trends of late that began with Iowa falling to Obama, and showing both South Carolina and New Hampshire both beginning significant trending away from Mrs. Clinton.

This is happening in spite of, in fact some believe because of, the current tone of the Clinton campaign which even as Clinton herself seeks to tryand improve her personal image, has grown increasingly more negative through the use of surrogates and supporters.

The new poll fits perfectly not only with the trends, but also with the general narrative that has driven the Democratic race in recent weeks.  The Clinton Campaign, sensing something that most the rest of the political world was missing, started swinging wildly at the Obama campaign.

Instead of halting or even slowing down what progress Obama was making on Hillary Clinton’s early state leads, the negative campaigning only seemed to exacerbate the problem.  Thus, Iowa was the first to fall, and now New Hampshire.  This in the face of South Carolina starting to trend heavily for Obama, and Hillary’s lead in California has narrowed by over ten points.

Two weeks to Iowa, and the polls have trended right into Obama’s favor.  New Hampshire’s falling, and SC isn’t far behind.

One Response to “Obama Clinton Momentum Continues”

  1. Ben Barrack says:

    I am having difficulty understanding why the Obama campaign is not seizing upon what very well could be Hillary’s “Blue Dress” (let alone the media)…

    Judge for yourself……. Is this the “blue dress” caught on tape?


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