Richardson No Longer Running For Hillary Veep

Well, I guess that about settles it.  Bill Richardson’s no longer running as Hillary Clintons running mate to be, or so it would seem.

Bill solidified his image as Clinton toadie during a debate wherein he harshly and pointedly defended Hillary Clinton amid a flurry of attacks.  It was such an off-balance and out of tune move that you would have to be politically deaf not to get it.  Oh… you would have said had you been there.  I get it, he wants to be her vice president.

Now, either Richardson thinks Hillary’s likely to announce someone else, or he has come to the conclusion that she’s not going to be the nominee because all of a sudden, it’s okay to go after her again.  According to the Caucus, the New Mexico governor has launched an attack calling Clinton a flip-flopper on Iraq.

I agree.  I just want to know what took you so long?

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  1. Dan Vera says:

    I’ve had little respect for Richardson since he outright lied about the homophobic remark he made on Don Imus show a year back. (
    You might recall when he was called on it he claimed the Spanish phrase wasn’t really a slur. Of course if you strapped Latinos to a lie detector they’d 100% respond that it was. He was traficking in the linguistic ignorance of Democratic voters. It was a real revealing moment for me. He was duplicitous and a liar. I have no patience for him.
    “Feh” I say.
    He’d make a lousy veep. Sort of lukewarm milquetoast. Shades of Mondale.

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