S. 2248 – The Big Brother Enabling Act of 2007

I have absolutely no time to spend watching our dysfunctional government debate away our right to privacy. I should be packing up the remaining clothing, books, pots and pans in preparation for my big move this week. Instead, here I sit transfixed by the overwhelming number of aye’s being cast in the Senate in favor of granting retroactive immunity to the telecom companies that have apparently helped this administration spy on the entire population for the past eight years.

Why do I say dysfunctional? Here is a snapshot of how the American PEOPLE feel about this legislation.

What was it that John Dean said? I paraphrase, “Richard Nixon was nearly impeached for wiretapping one office…these guys have wire tapped the entire US population!”

UPDATE: Yes 76 – No 10 passed. Sick.

UPDATE II: I must apologize but in the heat of the moment I mistakenly took a cloture vote for an actual vote. As you can see from Kyle’s post above Senator Dodd was able to convince Senator Reid to table this legislation.

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