Tancredo’s Surprise

Congressman Tom Tancredo is no longer a presidential candidate.  That’s not much of a surprise.  Ever since he announced that he had a major announcement to make at 2pm, speculation instantly pointed to the possibility that the anti-immigration warrior was going to hop out the race.

Who he chose to endorse, however, is a bit of a shocker.

Many believed, yours truly included, that Tancredo would throw his nearly non existent weight behind Fred Thompson, but in a curious turn of events, he has chosen to formally endorse Mitt Romney.

Will this help?  I don’t know.  But I think it definitely goes down as a considerable plus for Romney.

To be fair, Tancredo doesn’t have an enormous amount of votes to send Mitt’s way, however, the endorsement does something else I think is worth taking a look at; shoring up Mitt’s immigration bona fides.

For Tancredo, he ran a campaign on a message I think the Republican base connected with.  What kept him from gaining any traction, obviously, was that he was too intensely focused on that message, and too acidic in its presentation. 

Romney, who had no problem biting the party line on illegal immigration, has had something of a problem getting people to bite.  Particularly with Giuliani’s barbs that he is soft on immigration.  With Tancredo’s endorsement, though, I think a lot of the questions as to Romney’s stance on immigration will be put aside.

After all, having the most anti-immigration candidate all of a sudden choose your corner is definitely a big statement.

Still, I doubt this will have a large impact on the race itself.  On the other hand, with as volatile as the Republican contest is at this point, butterfly wings could determine the victor.

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