The Reason You Don’t Throw Stones

I will be highly shamed if the Clinton campaign turns into a mountain of bad cliches by the end of this whole thing.  Right after finishing up reporting on the trouble she faces in the polls, I come to find out that the current Democratic front runner has been so gracious to demonstrate for us first hand exactly why it is you don’t throw stones in glass houses.

It was yesterday… just yesterday when we learned that the Clinton camp was accusing the Obama camp of nasty chain mails and push polling, or at least rude call center operatives.  Though unconfirmed, New Hampshire campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle launched an email campaign intended to make it look as though the Obama campaign had gone off the rails and was launching a mud slinging war against Clinton.

This was yesterday, and boy does it have to suck when the Clinton campaign actually gets caught doing the same thing the very next day.  Right now, details are sketchy, but a county chair for the Clinton campaign is being asked to step down based on the role played in circulating chain e-mails intended to paint Barack Obama as a Muslim Terrorist Manchurian Candidate.

Of course there will be a plethora of questions that will eat up at least a news cycle or two, these not to be limited to inquiries such as, was this merely a chair gone rogue?  Or was it something higher ups in the campaign knew about and ignored until the chair got caught?

I’ll be completely honest with you.  I don’t think this is a huge conspiracy.  It’s probably a few Clinton staffers and supporters who probably got a kick out of the email, lost control, lost discipline, whatever.  Presidential campaigns are HUGE and it’s kind of amazing they are as disciplined as they currently are.  You can’t feasibly expect all the lower level staffers and volunteers and non affiliated supporters to stay on message and keep their noses clean.  You can, but you’re likely to be very disappointed.

No, what makes this a story is the salvo fired at the Obama camp just a day earlier.  It sends a message that the Clinton campaign is hypocritical, that it’s not okay to attack Mrs. Clinton, but dirty tricks against her top rival are perfectly fine.  Even if they don’t mean it, this is the impression I think a lot of Iowa and New Hampshire voters are going to pick up.

In all reality, this only adds to the narrative that has been building recently that the Clinton camp is panicked for whatever reason, even though blatant Hillary dissenters such as myself don’t believe there is reason to.  This is bad luck combined with being plain old sloppy, but while no one has control over luck, the Clinton campaign was once characterized at how disciplined and organized they once were.

The impression we get now is that Obama has gotten under the campaign’s skin and is forcing error after error in rapid succession.

One Response to “The Reason You Don’t Throw Stones”

  1. skip says:

    Yet another case of a rogue Katsa unable to control herself.

    They need to put a softer voice in charge of overseeing this kind of stuff. May I suggest Avignor Lieberman (Joe is too tranparent).


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