There’s A War On God? Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?

Tony Snow has always, for me, been one of those people of the current administration that always kept me off balance.  Compared to his predacessor Scott McClellan, Tony was a breath of fresh air, though, I suppose compared to Scotty, raw sewage might be a breath of fresh air.  Still, the flautist and one time Fox News correspondant has always been somewhat charming.

At the same time, he’s a Bushie, and it’s instances like this that remind you that for all the charm, he’s still a bit of a putz.

Yup, after a talk delivered at a Christian university, and an appearance upon the Culture Warrior’s show, The O’Reilly Factor, it’s very much apparent that Tony Snow has enlisted himself as the new recruit in the ongoing American God War.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t know there was an American God War going on.  Come on.  I’m a liberal, I’ll fight, why doesn’t anyone ever let me in on these things?  It’s gotta be a Soros thing, that’s the only thing I can think of.  Ever since I sneezed on his Frosted Flakes at a high powered liberal conspiracy breakfast three years ago, I’ve been out of the loop on all the good liberal wars.

Seriously, I understand the goading of the right to make people believe that we liberals are waging a war on God, but that still doesn’t make it any less assinine.  Painting leftists as trying to outlaw Christianity is good business, particularly among the nations more fundamentalist faithful and evangelicals.  In one fell swoop it energizes and mobilizes the base as well as fill warchest coffers at the same time.  After all, for what other reason do you distribute garbage such as this:

(h/t FFRF)

But while convincing folks that progressives, liberals, and otherly labeled leftists are out there trying to kill God, the fact is, it’s not true.  For instance, would you believe that Kerry was a practicing Catholic and therefore would not have banned the bible?  Or that he always opposed gay marriage?

I know, it’s kind of a shocker.

There is, however, a substantive and consistent push from those on the left, in the middle, and even a few kooks on the right to keep religion from playing a role in government and for constitutional and logical reasons.

And I think it is important to note that none of these reasons are for the evil purpose of subjugating Christians.  In fact, I think it important to remind folks that at the onset of evangelicism in this country, evangelicals were on the wall between church and state side.  This primarily because at the time, America was predominately protestant or catholic, and championing a big religious presence in government could have resulted in the evangelicals getting the short end of the stick.

I’ve always been of the mind that faith can be a great thing.  Around 80% of Americans identify themselves as one type of Christian or another, with others identifying as some other form of religiosity.  Religion gives people a moral compass, comfort in times of trial, and humility when it is needed the most.  And so I have absolutely no qualms with people who choose to practice their fate as they see fit.

I do, on the other hand, take issue with those who seek to inject it into governmental affairs for doing so would undoubtedly subject America to sectarian strife.  Indeed, it already has as evidenced by the Philadelphia Bible Riots that occured some hundred and fifty years ago.

No, no war on God over here.  But I will fight endlessly to keep God from the government not because I hate God, or God’s people, but because I think one of the most dangerous things that could ever happen to this Union is if it were to come under the control of one people’s version of God and is enforced at their discretion and biblical interpretations.

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  1. Cernig says:

    I think you were off worshipping the Devil the day we declared war on God. Didn’t he tell you? They’re brothers, after al…


  2. That son of a bitch! That’s where he went all last week! I’m shorting his sheets when he gets back, just you wait and see.

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