Wait, I Plan On Being Inspired Any Minute

I”ve spent a decent amount of the past couple of months wondering what exactly it is about Hillary Clinton that gets people excited.  I understand Kucinich supporters because he’s hardcore liberal.  Dodd’s got some serious depth on the issues, Edwards is attempting a labor revival within the the party, and Obama has this whole changing the nature of politics thing going on.  But we don’t know what Hillary’s got until now…

She’s been vetted!

This is, apparently, the new big sell for the Clinton campaign.  Not that there is anything inspiring about the Clinton campaign, no great challenges to take on together, no lofty goals, nothing of that matter, simply that there will be “no surprises”.  You get what you pay for.

Of course, this isn’t exactly true.  We have the question of the White House records that won’t be released until, last I checked, next year.  Now, there could be nothing in these files, but we also know that just this year, the rhetoric that Clinton has been using on the trail has not matched the more Republican-Lite nature of her actual actions.

It’s just another paradox of the Clinton campaign.  A paradox much like accusing everyone else for running negative campaigns when the negative turn of the Clinton campaign has been one of the leading stories for the past month.  In fact, it’s not that big a stretch to connect this “no surprises” drive to the “accidental” drudging up of Obama’s past drug use.  Though she denies it, it’s too much of a coincidence that Clinton fires a high up member of her campaign for bringing up a high possible negative against her number one opponent, and then engages in a campaign tactic that essentially says unlike her opponents, there’s no oppo research on Clinton out there that isn’t already out in the open.

Thus, Clinton takes yet another chance to remind us how much of a business as usual politician she is.  To her, the path to the White House isn’t paved with some unique and destined drive, no striving for the stars, but mere adequacy, by the merit of not causing a scandal.  She is asking us to vote for her out of some grand vision, but instead because she meets a low and simple standard.

Oh, wait, I think I finally feel that spark of inspiration.

Nope.  Sorry. I was wrong.

My bad.

2 Responses to “Wait, I Plan On Being Inspired Any Minute”

  1. Kat says:

    We’re in desperate need for something that isn’t “more of the same”. Clinton just makes me want to crawl up into a ball, put the covers back over my head and go back to sleep.


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